Adding up my cool points

Deciding to buy a CD after hearing it reviewed on NPR: +10 points
Buying the CD from a small independent kinda website: +5 points
Not having it be a CD of Sinatra or Johnny Cash: -3 points
Having the CD arrive one of those flimsy cases used for CD-Rs: +5 points
(Note: The coolness of the CD is inversely related to the quality of its packaging)
Creating my own scoring system to rate my coolness: +1,000 points

Total: 1,017 cool points.

Not too bad for a single day!

Dang! Now I’m trying to think of the CD you ordered(I bet it’s the same one I was thinking of)! I heard a review on NPR a week or two or go and wanted to buy the CD but totally forgot about it when I left work for the day. Was it a jazz cd?


You forgot “Writing about it on an internet message board: -2,000 points” :smiley:

One of these, probably.

Keeping track of points that are totally irrelevant: priceless. :slight_smile:

Colophon, criticizing the point scale: minus a bajillion! Tough break for you. :cool:

Kaotic Newtral, TJDude825, was kind of going in the right direction. Though the review was at the beginning of March, here’s a link. I really got it for my sister. I’ve got a rep to maintain, and I couldn’t have this as part of my music collection if I want to keep my street cred. It is pretty good, I mean, if you aren’t a tough guy, and like that sort of thing. As I said, I would have posted about it sooner, but being cool takes up a lot of time. I looked on the usual websites, like Amazon, but couldn’t find the CD. I found it at a site that sells a bunch of other artists I’ve never heard of, and I just got a very hip, trendy feel from buying it. It’s kind of like the feeling I get when I go to a movie theatre that shows documentaries and independent films, you know, like I’m ahead of the times … or something.

Hijacking somebody else’s coolness measurement system- 14 squillion points. I win!