Adding Wormwood to a non-wormwood Absinthe...

I found a way to order wormwood extract…is it totally unheard of to add this to an absinthe-like product such as Pernod (which doesnt contain wormwood)? And if so, how much wormwood should be added so as not to be dangerous? And can anyone offer an absinthe-like product that would be good for this?

I just googled “absinthe recipe” and got a bunch of hits.

Wormwood oil in excessive quantities can induce renal failure. It has mildly psychotropic properties in small doses that increase with the amount imbibed. I know someone who makes their own absinthe and have tried a little of it. The sensations can be somewhat uncomfortable and the extremely bitter flavor is enough to put you off your kibble for the entire evening. Unless you are obsessed with trying this decoction, you’d probably be a lot safer avoiding it.

I will reiterate that there are a few too many direct and immediate health risks associated with this beverage to make it a worthwhile pursuit.

Plus it’s NASTY.

Wormwood extract, if it contains thujone, is illegal in the United States. We do not allow threads about how to break the law, so I’ll close this thread.

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