Additional Mail Account on Mac?

I’m running a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard and using the desktop Mail program. I have a single Gmail account and all is well. However, I’ve just been given another (additional) email account from my business and I can’t figure out how to get a new folder in Mail that just handles the new address…when I follow the directions, the new folder has the new emails in it, but also all the emails from the original Gmail account. Either I’m doing something wrong/not doing something right or what I want isn’t possible. I went to the Genius bar yesterday and he said it all had to be done by the administrator of the business account. What do I ask for? Thanks.

Just turn the little Inbox triangle down.

There is a single Inbox for all of the accounts; however, if you wanted to see the emails in their own separate inboxes, do as Beowulf said, click the arrow to the left of Inbox and it will show the account specific inboxes that you can click on. The joint Inbox does not actually combine the accounts in any way, it only makes an easier view of them.

If the issue is truly that you needed to click the arrow, that Genius should be fired.

Obviously the trick here is not to “click the arrow.” In order to keep the business stuff separate from Gmail, I’m told the administrator of the business account has to forward it. Any suggestions other than “click the arrow?”

That doesn’t make any sense. Clicking the arrow is the correct thing to do. The accounts are kept entirely separate by Mail, and are only grouped together (pre-arrow click) for your viewing convenience.

What directions did you follow?
In the Mail program, when you go to menu item Mail->Preferences and then view the Accounts tab, how many accounts do you have listed? If you have two, then in the mail window you should be able to expand the lists on the left-hand side and have one “mailbox” for each account.