Addled alcoholic amputates acquaintance

Humph. Seems a driver was too polluted to notice he had decapitated his passenger, and just drove home and went to bed.

Story here

This reminds me of that woman who drove around with the body of a pedestrian embedded in her windshield.

Yeah, I’ll take care of that tomorrow. Right now I’m just too damned drunk and tired to do anything about it.

Dumbass Drunk Decapitates Dude?
Brain-dead Boozer Beheads Buddy?
Stupid Sot Slices “Shotgun” Sitter?

Just suggestions…horrible way to go, and even more horrible thing to discover in your neighbor’s driveway :eek:

There is an old urban legend that goes just like this, only usually it is after a prom.

I guess even urban legends sometimes come true.

You don’t say!

Another thread on the topic? I’ve seen 3 so far…