Addressing Charlie Brown as such

Was it ever disclosed in the strip or by Schulz why Charlie Brown is always addressed by first AND last name?

Always? Marcie calls him “Charles.” Patty calls him “Chuck.” Sally calls him “big brother.” Snoopy calls him “that round-headed kid.” What’s this “always” business?

Anyway, on page 28 of Peanuts: A Golden Celebration, Charles Schulz says:

So, my guess is, people refer to Charlie Brown by his full name because that’s how Charles Schulz used to taunt his friend.

I’ve never heard C.B. addressed as “suc” so I added an h to the thread title. I’m afraid my version isn’t as funny, though.

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(My friends call me Mister Suc.)

In one Sunday strip (I have it in a big book called The Snoopy Festival), a girl named “Poochie” visits Charlie Brown. She’s actually coming to see Snoopy, who has doesn’t like her because she threw a stick for him to fetch them left the puppy farm with another puppy.

Anyway, Charlie Brown says to her “You were the one who first started to call me Charlie Brown…”

So Poochie did it. That would have been my last guess too. :slight_smile:

Sometimes there’s just something about a person and a name that makes people want to call them by both names. I am one of those people. For most of high school and college I was routinely addressed by both my first and last name. They just went well together, and also served to distinguish me, as my first name is very very common (and not carlotta).

(That is it served to distinguish me until my brother married someone with EXACTLY THE SAME NAME! First and middle. Couldn’t she at least have kept her maiden name? no she had to be all traditional. Hmph!)

Doesn’t somebody call him “block head”?


And his mother calls him “waa-wa-waa-wa wa-waa-waa” (or sounds to that effect).