Adjectives in pit thread titles (warning: mild, lame, weak and petty)

I just don’t get it. Why put things like:


In your thread title? I’m tired of seeing it, and the only thing it achieves is to discourage me from reading the thread. OK, maybe there is a case for saying “long”, if you don’t have much time to read a long thread. But why the others? What purpose does it serve?

Mild Weak, and Lame are probably denoted so the people who regularly complain of a rant being “lame ass weak shit, who the fuck cares about your stubbed toe”, so it’s sort’ve a warning that their won’t be sufficient vitrol to entertain them.

Long is for the people who don’t want to read Moby Dick size posts.

Petty is to indicate that they’re complaining about something petty, and realize that. Similar to the weak, mild and lame indicators.

Yeah, I guess you nailed it. It mostly stops people from bitching.

btw, I’ve been away for a few days, but I’m guessing you used to be Aslan2? Just wanted to say I like the new username - it’s pretty cool.

Yep, I is him and He is I.

What about “Fat?”

It’s kind of a primitive ratings/review system. It’s like reading movie advertisements and seeing the movie length or words like “thrilling,” “romantic,” “hilarious,” etc. It gives you an idea of whether this might be the kind of thread you’d enjoy reading. With a board as slow as this one, where some people have to wait a very long time for a thread to open, it’s nice to have a clue about what you’re going to find inside. If you don’t like [mild][lame][weak][long][petty] threads, you don’t have to spend the time waiting for them to open.