Adjusting the volume on different tabs.

I am always streaming music. If I am on the computer, there is always music playing. Mostly streaming NPR. While watching a game or viewing a news video, I would like to lower the volume on the music. But, it is all or nothing. I have click on the tab playing the music and shut off the music. And I wish it would fade down. But, it just turns off, without fading. And I hate that.

I would be willing to buy something that would fix these issues. But I have no idea what.

I have an iMac if that helps with a solution.

Thank you for any help with this first world problem.

I have a Windows PC, so not sure how well these instruction will apply for an iMac.

If I right-click on the speaker icon in the task bar, I have the option to open a Volume Mixer. When I open it, I see that I can adjust the volume separately for various Apps. This includes browsers. So I can turn up the volume in one browser and down in another.

If there is an equivalent ability in Mac, you’ll just need to listen to NPR in one browser and the game or news video in a different browser.

Thank you milquetoast. I will give it a try.

You can’t do that on a Mac without 3rd party software.

Try one of these from this page:

ETA: here’s another one: