"Adjustment Bureau" spoilers desired

According to every irritatingly vague plot synopsis I’ve been able to find, other than the main concept of “Adjustment Team,” everything else in the film is different from the short story. That said, most reviews seem to think the general idea and plot is ok, but then everyone hates on the ending (which they helpfully leave unclear to avoid spoilers for potential audiences).

Well, screw that. I like to know what something is before I go see it! Someone give a person a break and spoiler the shit out of this for me - I liked Adjustment Team, I love PK Dick, and I liked Inception (to which several people have compared the filmography of Adjustment Bureau).

So - what’s the specifics of the ending that everyone hates so much compared to the rest of the film??

It turns out the Adjustment Bureau keeping the two leads apart was sort of a “test”, and because they went to such lengths to be together, the head of the bureau (a God figure who is never referred to as such) rewrites their predetermined destiny.

I didn’t mind the ending, and was expecting something like it - how else could it have ended happily, really? - but the plot had a few minor holes that irritated me. The story is about a politician being kept apart from this dancer girl, and he knows he can’t contact her because the bureau told him not to, but if he’s on TV all the time and is locally famous, why on earth couldn’t she contact him? Especially the second time they’re seperated, after he leaves her at the hospital? If someone you’re dating suddenly leaves you like that, wouldn’t you try and contact them to see why they disappeared? It would have made a lot more sense if he was just a regular guy.

If you don’t think about it too hard it’s a good movie, with a great style that did remind me of Inception. I don’t think the ending was some huge Remember Me-style departure from the rest of the film.

Awesome. Thank you for the answer.

It sounds pretty good to me also, and I don’t think that’s such a huge leap from the beginning to the end. Yes, ‘Adjustment Team’ is darker, but this film was marketed as a rom-com, so that pretty much makes it impossible that there’s a non-gooey-happy ending.

Again, thanks for the spoilers! Guess that means I get to go see a movie this weekend!