Adjustment Bureau

Spoilers after the OP.

What did you all think? I thought it was mostly predictable, but still highly enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the “doors” chase scene. I kind of wish the ‘fate diagrams’ were a little bit clearer.

The hubby and I will be seeing it this afternoon. I’ll post my thoughts later today.

I think the ending was kind of a cheat.

I assume the Chairman was supposed to be God and that’s why we never see him?

I enjoyed it, mainly because I thought Damon and Blunt had great chemistry. Without that, I think the movie could have been quite bad.

I’m glad to hear this is enjoyable. I really want to see it.

Haven’t seen it but it looks like the stupidest movie ever. I’m completley annoyed by everyone wearing those old time hats. In every single scene on the commercials they are all wearing those hats. And what a ridiculous movie idea. A group of old guys wearing ridiculous hats control everyones destiny. Dumb dumb dumb

But I like Emily Blunt.

I enjoyed it more than I expected too, mainly because it is lighter than I expected. It’s far from a comedy, but there are some funny bits. The morals are a bit hard-hitting for my taste, but I could get past that.

Chapulin, the hats are important and serve a purpose. It wasn’t just a stylistic choice.

I saw it last night and found it enjoyable. The story is a bit predictable, and the ending was a little weak, but it was a fun movie with an unusual premise of the kind you don’t see very often from Hollywood.

Also Emily Blunt is hawt.

To quote some dude in the theater at the end of the movie, “Why are people always chasing Matt Damon?”

I agree the ending was a bit weak. I thought it would have been freakin’ hilarious if they showed:

The Chairman, and it turned out to be Morgan Freeman.

The hats were great. I agree that one of the movies saving graces was that it didn’t take itself too seriously.

Did anyone catch the reference they made about the previous person who kept chasing after them until they finally just told him what was up? Was that a clever reference to a real person?

Amen to this—I have only seen her act in the so-so “Dan In Real Life” but she was stunning in that movie, which also featured the sublime beauty of Juliette Binoche; those two women on-screen together was almost enough to make me stop thinking of how much I want to beat Dane Cook to death with a baseball bat for a few minutes.

Emily Blunt is as attractive as any actress currently working today.

I found the trailer intriguing. I’ll see it when it is released on bluray.

The premise is almost interesting to me, but going by the trailer, it looks like they basically just turn into some hackneyed “love conquers all” story. Is that an accurate impression? I’m not interested in a love story, especially if it’s one of those stories where their love makes them extra special and important.

You probably won’t like the movie. It’s at least as much if not more a romance than a sci-fi flick. You might compare it to The Time Traveler’s Wife, or City of Angels in that regard.

Those were both horrible. Thanks. I’ll avoid this.

It’s very much of a “follow your heart” as opposed to a “do your duty” type of movie.

Then you might enjoy this.

I was disappointed. We went in expecting an action kind of movie, got more of a sappy romance/religion kind of movie. Bleh.

Haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds like a reference to the character in the original PK Dick story - The Adjustment Team.

I’m pissed.
If they hadn’t had to rewrite the “plan”, I would have won Lottery this week, but no…it was more important that David found his true love. Stupid fate writers.

I thought the move was a good “OK”…they could have shown some other side affects to the rewrite and maybe given a hint as to how this all affected life’s plan - maybe show a fast slide show of what was planned vs what really happened. Would have been more fun to show exactly how one little twist in a plan can change things - if you had turned left at the corner instead of right that day, you would:
Not have met your spouse; would have gotten a great job; would have been shot in a hold up; would be rich and famous; would have stopped a terrorist plot…much more fun to see the alternatives that did or did not happen.

This film just seemed rather derivative of about 10 moves over the past few years, which made it a bit ho-hum.