Administrators & Moderators: Retired Post Count Question

Is it possible to have Retired Post Count Numbers, in the same way that baseball, and other sports in the US and elsewhere, have Retired Uniform Numbers?

I ask this because my own Post Count is approaching 666, and I would like to remain on 666 when I get there.

As I don’t want others to use 666 either, could the software be changed to jump the Post Count of other posters, but not me of course, from 665 to 667?

If 666 is already taken, I would settle for 999, if I ever get there, even though I realise I would have to turn my monitor upside down.

Please get back to me very urgently, or earlier if possible, as I will have to be careful how I eke out my next 4 posts whilst awaiting a response.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

For the avoidance of doubt, the OP was posted when my Post Count registered 662 so, taking this post into account, the mater is even more urgent since I am now on 664.

This number is subject to change.

Well, you could always just stop posting when you hit 666. :wink:

As far as I know we can’t prevent the post count from incrementing. And it would certainly be beyond the range of reasonableness to try to make the bit of program that does the incrememting “skip” a number.

No, it’s not possible.

O well.

You can’t have everything I suppose.

There is a good chance that even though your number is at 667 today, it could go back below 666 in the future.

When they remove old test threads, duplicate post threads, etc., your number goes down.

This has been noted on this forum before.
The difference at the moment is seen in the main page, where the stats say "84585 threads in total " but this thread is #90117. The remainder have been removed.

Just for completeness- One thing the admins could do, but I’m pretty sure they won’t do for your specific request, is to change the “membership status” field. That’s how Cecil became Perfect Master. Any title is possible, I think.

We COULD, but it’s highly unlikely that we WILL in any particular case. One money-raising idea that’s been tossed around is to have custom member titles. However, don’t hold your breath for this to be implemented, it’s still just an idea.

Lynn, I would pay in cash (and slip a little chocolate your way) for such a thing… oh geez!
:giggles to self:

That would be supreme. WOW! Like, would it be possible to make that part of our profile, or would it be an email-the-admins thing?

Oh MAN the possibilities!!! If I were a dog I’d wet the floor. :smiley:

Well, there have been a few recurrent trolls and such who have had, um, special titles bestowed upon them by Lynn.

But I don’t think you want one of those.

Tuba won’t let me make special titles any more. She pointed out, correctly, that I’m giving this stuff away free, when we might want people to pay for it later. I was also giving trolls attention. Oh well, she IS right about this.

However, I must admit that I am still sorely tempted at times.