Admit you don't know who Shakira and Pink are

Okay, I’m only half right. No thanks to pop-up ads on Lycos, I’m sorry to say that I not only have some idea who “P!nk” :rolleyes: is, I’m even unfortunate enough to know what it looks like.

Anyone else?

Sorry, having just returned from Portugal, Shakira is played constantly in the clubs over there, so I know exactly who she is! (And I’m reliably informed her video is worth a watch!)

I also know who Pink is - I even have her album!


There’s a place for you, **Iguana Boy.

And there’s a tutorial for me.


I know who Shakira is, but I’m afraid that I don’t know any of her work.

Does that count?



Nevhaa hoid of 'em.

Heard and seen Pink, regrettably.

No idea who or what Shakira is.

Also, apparently someone who named Left-eye Lopes was famous, but is now dead. Never heard of her til then.

Heard of them, seen pictures, but never heard any of their work, apart from that Shakira Pepsi commercial. Can’t say I cared for it much.

I confess!

Never heard of either of them. Pink is a very nasty colour though - does that get me a point?

Well, like i said in the other thread, i can’t say i have heard thier “music” but i’ve seen a pic or two, and i still gotta say, “Pink, shut your big, ugly mouth!”

Well, that’s how out of touch I am, I guess. I thought that was Britney Spears.


Never heard of Pink.
Know who that Colombian temptress Shakira is because someone posted a link to her video.
Have hard that song many times on the ‘music’ at the gym, saw her on SNL & Letterman. Have only heard that one song though, and I really like it, though I like the Spanish version better


Seperated at Birth?

Christina Aguillera - Dee Snyder

(end hijack)

Before you all rank on Pink, I’d suggest sitting down and giving her album a good listen. You may find her personally unappealing, but her album is damn good.

Oh, I’ve heard of them. I have a 15 year old daughter in the house so I can’t avoid hearing that stuff.

I don’t much care for them but it’s tons better than the [sub]C[/sub]Rap she used to listen to.

I think Pink is pretty. :frowning:

I never heard of Shakira, but my wife has Pink’s latest album. Pink’s album isn’t that great, but its not that bad either. And I saw her do a kick ass version on Janie’s Got a Gun on the Aerosmith Legend’s show on either MTV or VH-1.

I rather like Shakira, at least some of her stuff (in Spanish - especially the Middle Eastern influenced songs), and have one of her albums.

I have seen a reference or two to Pink in the Miami Herald, but have no idea of what her music sounds like.