Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium install help

On the off-chance anyone else has gone through this. . .

I recently bought the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium education edition (which includes Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, etc.)

I’m having several problems with the installation, one of the most pressing of which is that InDesign doesn’t work. It asks me to “please personalize your copy” and then tells me the serial number isn’t valid. (I bought this off the shelf at a reputable bookstore, it isn’t pirated, the serial number worked to install everything else). Another problem is that none of the Adobe fonts install. They’re not in the Windows -> Fonts folder and I can’t access them in the programs (photoshop and illustrator DO work)

This is a known issue, but I’ve tried the steps mentioned there to no avail. Adobe doesn’t have (free) tech support on weekends, so on the off chance anyone else has gone through this, how did you fix it?