Adobe Photoshop Help needed

The American History AP test is tomorrow. So I downloaded a .pdf file from Collegeboard with some sample questions on it. But when I open it up in adobe photoshop 6.0 it comes out very blurry, and there is a checker pattern of white and gray over the whole visible page. How do I get rid of this so I can read the questions?

Also, I downloaded a .pdf of AP Physics B questions for next week, but I can’t even open it because:


You need to get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat for starters. althought it’s possible to open PDF files in photoshop, it’s not the program it was meant to be used with.

here’s a link:

As for your security problem, go to the file on your hard drive and right-click on it and choose “properties”. See if it has “hidden” or “archive” checked and un-check those. If that doesn’t work, ask your professor about it, or ask some other people in the class if they are having the same problem.

The white and grey pattern is what Photoshop has set for its transparent background. You can change it to whatever color you want (i believe).