So does Adobe suck sh*t through a straw or is it just me?

Why is it that ANYTIME I try to open something PDF Adobe 6.0 starts to do it (opens up, picture of sissy prancy about, Adobe trademark, etc.) but then just freezes up. Stops. Does nothing. I have to reboot. If something says PDF on it, it means I can’t click on it to see it. If it doesn’t say PDF & is anyway, it means I want to muder the person who didn’t warn it’s PDF. And yes, I’ve tried opening it with the firewall off, other applications closed, etc.:rolleyes:

Whats going on?

Sometimes, Adobe appears to freeze when there’s an update: A window displayes that you need to do it, but it can actully show up behind the regular Adobe window. There’s also no indication of it on the taskbar. The important thing is to pay attention when opening it up.

Or you could just upgrade to Adobe Reader 7.0. That’s probably best in the long run.

Here you go.

Uninstall Acrobat Reader and install that sucker. Less than 1 MB, starts in about a tenth of a second.

I’ll definitely agree with your eloquent technical assessment of Adobe Acrobat pdf files. I started a “pit” thread on this subject about 2 years ago:

Also, (I believe it is in the “About This Message Board” category) someone started a thread stating that it would be very polite when posting a link to a pdf to warn others of its being a pdf.

Thanks for the link. (I’ve already installed it.) :slight_smile:

Wow. Thank you.

HEY! It works great!

**** Ad:mad:be! **** it with a big ****!

I agree with your sentiment. I avoid pdf as much as possible for many reasons.

I’m going to try out the Foxit.

I’d just like to stick up for (most of) Adobe’s other products, which are excellent. Adobe Reader is spawn of satan bloatware, though.

Thanks from me as well. Adobe has messed with me for the last time!:wink:

I will add that version 7 is worlds ahead of version 6 in usability, both the Reader and Adobe Acrobat which I use for producing PDFs. Version 6 of Acrobat was awesomely crappy. It did things like break the perfectly-functional user interface for creating bookmarks in a PDF. It was pain to use it everytime.


Version 7 is still the biggest damn sack of bloat I have ever encountered for what is supposed to be a simple utility program.

Part of this is accounted for by the fact that Reader 7 is designed to interact with all the commenting and review features that Acrobat 7 Pro provides for the author. But still, 6 wasn’t that much smaller.

Reader has the only installer I have ever seen that appears to recompile itself for your system when installing. Seriously. Watch it when you install it. When you execute the install file, you get something called the FEAD 2.5 Optimiser running, which proceeds to ‘process’ Acrobat Reader 7, then the regular InstallShield-style installer starts. WTF?

Just to be clear, that’s Version 7 of the Reader. It’s 23 megabytes. The full version of Acrobat is bigger.