A Hearty "Fuck you" to the simians at Adobe

God damn.

I bought a new laptop last month. It came with all sorts of programs installed. Free trial of this, free that. I re-upped the Norton, and the Spywareblaster, but the 30 day “free” trial of Acrobat Pro has just pissed me off!

It expires, and I can’t view any more PDFs. I’ve already installed the Firefox extension to read these docs. All I want to do is be able to view them.

But no, since I have “pro” on this PC, I’m boned if I don’t pay.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (the free thing you can download from their website) doesn’t work?!


Can you just uninstall the Pro version and reinstall the Firefox plugin?

Thank you both, but no. Been there, done that all.

Just install the excelent and free Foxit Reader and be glad to be rid of Adobe’s bloated software.

Free Adobe Reader will read PDFs just fine. Adobe Pro is only necessary if you wish to create PDFs. Uninstall Adobe Pro completely, reboot, then install Adobe Reader.

Have you tried uninstalling Acrobat Pro, and installing the free version?

Don’t hurt me.

What really sucks is that I have the Adobe pro version 5.0 and of course whenever they update the Adobe reader plug in, they break my Pro version.

Another vote for Foxit Reader. It works as well as Adobe and is faster and uses less resources.

“Free”? In what way was it not free?

It’s not free if, once it expires, it forces you to pay in order to use a service that the company gives away free to everyone that doesn’t have the trial pre-loaded.

If I give you a free sample of cake, and afterwards tell you it’s poisoned and you need to buy the antidote, it’s fair to use the irony quotes around “free”. In the same way, they (if it’s like the OP says) have poisoned his computer so that it will no longer perform a task every computer can do. And they are charging him for the antidote.

Thirded. Foxit made my workdays much, much easier.

Whoa, that’s rough. Seems like what’s happening here is that the “trial” AdobePro like many other programs is boobytrapped so that you cannot keep running trial after trial, BUT, as Khadaji discovered, it turns out that it does not recognize the PDF *reader * as having an independent existence.

I too found this annoying with my new laptop, but it was resolved by uninstalling the Pro and installing the free Reader. Also, a plug for PDF995, the sponsored version does most of what Pro does for free.

Slight hijack - actually, I found the staff at Adobe customer service to be the best customer service I have ever had in my life. I bought the Adobe Creative Suite a few years back and at some point, I screwed up the software, big time. Totally my fault.

I called Adobe and that first day, one guy stayed on the phone with me for hours trying to help me re-install everything. There was still a major glitch of some kind on my computer and we were only able to get it partially working. The next day, he called back and spent another couple of hours until we finally got everything back to normal again. And on the third day, he called just to make sure everything was still working ok.

Sorry to hear of your problem, but seriously - Adobe Customer Service rocks!

Thanks to those who suggested foxit. I like. Good bye Acrobat alltogether!

Is there a good free program for making pdf’s out of excel files?

CutePDF’s pdf printer?

There are many free programs that let you “print” to a PDF.

If you have a Mac, this functionality is built-in - look for the “PDF” button in the Print dialog.

OpenOffice.org will export pdf’s from the word processor or the spreadsheet.