Acrobat Reader...

… Sucks donkey rectal cavities. Loves them. In fact that’s probably why it takes so damn long to render a page of text. It’s too busy exploring donkey rectal cavities with it’s slimy, curious tongue.

Can someone, anyone, tell me how it’s fucking possible for Acrobat on my PC, my gaming PC, my quad core, SLI, can render goddamned Crysis at 50 + FPS on high settings at 1920x1200 rez AND pleasure my both me and my SO AND my hamster while doing so, to take MINUTES rendering a fucking page?

What unholy level of incompetence was reached by the fuckwits who coded this bloated mess? How can they accomplish the incredible task of making my computer, otherwise capable of rendering 2,304,000 pixels of complex graphics, physics, and sound computations several hundred times per second, take forver to render TEXT. TEXT for pity’s sake!

And forget about trying to scroll. You use the mouswheel and you can just sit back and wait for hell to freeze over before the damn thing is responsive again.

Fuck you Acrobat! Fuck you adobe!

Yes, acrobat has sucked for a long time now. Adobe doesn’t know the meaning of the word “optimize”. Apparently, they think that everyone just loves sitting at their computer staring at nothing.

Which is why I love using .pdf’s but never, ever give them any money for anything.

So don’t use it. Foxit Reader is much faster. And it’s free.

Oh my, that makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

Piece of crap that for various incarnations would not uninstall the old version and run the old version; doesn’t allow copy; does not tell Windows what a PDF is until it has been run; insists that my users will die if they do not upgrade to version 8, while not having a version 8 for Windows 98; and makes my users demand a $400 copy of Abode Professional to fill out a two page gawd dam form once a year. :rolleyes:

I wish Microsoft would buy it, their usual solution to such things.

That gave me a mental picture of a giraffe. Shhhhh… You can’t tell when one might be lurking about.


I have Acrobat Pro for making PDFs from scans, etc., but when i just want to read a PDF, i use Foxit. It’s excellent.

My users have various apps that use Adobe Reader; I doubt the apps would know what Foxit Reader is. :slight_smile:

Acrobat reader loads a whole directory full of plug-ins when it starts. 99.99% of the time you can get by without the vast majority of them. By mostly emtying the plug-in directory, you make Acrobat reader start in a couple of seconds. If you look into it, you can find instructions for fixing this manually, or there are several scripts or suchlike that will do it for you.

Here is a google search that will get you started. It’s been a couple of years since I did this, so I honestly don’t remember which script or instructions I used.

Anyone have a way to edit .pdf’s, or even just add in text at indicated places, without Adobe?

CutePDF, but it still costs money. I hear 3 will do it, but it’s in beta.

Do you mean the apps use Acrobat plugins or activex components or some such? Or just that they output data in PDF form, then open it for the user to view? If the latter, surely it’s just a matter of file associations, isn’t it? (which I’m sure would be taken care of by the foxit installer)

Yes, I was thinking about that after I posted. IE calls up Adobe to display data. It would be interesting to try, but the vendor would probably not be happy if I had any errors with his application while using it. :slight_smile:

Any PDF viewer with a browser plugin would probably work (and maybe better than Adobe - the browser integration is one of the most sucky parts, in my experience)

Version 7 of the Reader was pretty decent. I was terribly unhappy one morning when “they” pushed Version 8 to our desktops a couple months ago.

You know what I love? I love how Adobe Acrobat Professional adds a “Save as Adobe .pdf” button to your menu bar in word – Forcing the FORMAT buttons off the page.

Every time you want to make some text bold or italic, you have to go in and remove that button to get your format buttons back. And then it’s back, the next time you fire up Word. No matter what.

(I know I can go in and find the registry setting… but I can never be arsed to when I’m in the middle of something, and I’m not thinking about it the rest of the time.)

But fuck. Fuuuuuck. If I wanted to make my Word document a .pdf, I’d open Acrobat and convert it. When I’m actually using Word, I want to be able to actually use Word.

That’s bad programming. The attitude that Adobe is the most important thing on your PC. Some apps my guys use load their damn toolbar on Windows startup, whether you run their app or not. :slight_smile: