Adolf Eichmann death sentence

according to Howard Sachar’s “A History of Israel” p. 558, Eichmann was sentenced on Dec 15, 1961 (anniv. today). Some other web sites including Wikipedia give the date of Dec 2. What gives?

My guess is that Sachar is wrong.

I believe that the death sentence was announced on December 2, but the trial didn’t formally conclude until December 15. Eichmann made his final statement to the court on December 13, and made reference to a death sentence that had apparently already been passed.

Props to silenius for a very straightforward and concise answer. :slight_smile:

Eichmann was found guilty by the three judge panel on December 10, 1961.

He was sentenced on the 15th.

Well, now. I hate to dispute the noted and notable samclem, but…cite? The Jewish Virtual Library says Dec. 2nd.

PBS say’s it was the 11th. says Dec. 2nd.

This site says the 14th…

I’m guessing no one really remembers.


You’d think someone could write it down correctly! :smiley:

One of them did I’m sure.

The problem is figuring out which one.

All I know is what I read in the (historical) N.Y.Times, using Proquest database.

Reeder in his last post, actually bested me, and has it correct. Or rather, PBS has it correct. It must have been the 11th, rather than the tenth. (I keep thinking Jewish Holidays start the evening before the actual day. ;j )

There is NO mention of any decision or verdict or ANYTHING in the NYTimes, the LA Times, or the Chicago Tribune before December 11th.

To quote the December 11th, 1961 N.Y.Times,

Next cite is from the December 15, 1961 N.Y. Times.

1961: Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by an Israeli court.

From the Baltimore Sun

It’s not the year that is in question here.

The Eichmann trial was roughly analogous to our bifurcated trail system in the US; first the guilt-innocence phase, then the punishment. The defense rested and the main proceedings came to an end on August 14, 1961. The judges then began the task of writing the judgment. I believe (but can’t swear) that the written judgement was handed down from the bench to the defense and prosecution (and thus first made public) on December 2, 1961. The judgment contained 242 sections and found Eichmann guilty on 12 different counts carrying the death penalty. Under Israeli law the death penalty was mandatory unless mitigating circumstances could be found.

On December 11, the court reconvened so that the judgement could be read by the court. It took two days divided into five session to read the entire document. Following the reading was a routine argument by the prosecution that the mandatory death penalty should be carried out, a brief final plea from the defense for mitigation, and a final statement by Eichmann. After two more days, the death sentence was pronounced on December 15, 1961.

So the 15th is correct?

Jus a bit of trivia…Eichmann was the first person officially executed by the state of Israel.

And the last one.

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