Adopted again (kitties)?

How odd. We lost our cat of 20 years about ten months ago, as related in a thread at that time. We were devastated. As months have gone by and we get past it, we’ve talked about getting a new kitty, possibly two, so they have company when we’re out. But we’ve taken no action as yet.

So today, while I’m at the eye doctor, my wife was outside working in the garden when she hears a rustling in the bushes by the house. Figuring it was the neighbor cat, she called it by name, and out from the bushes step two kittens, one black and one orange, and not much past weaning age. No collar, no tags, but they don’t seem at all feral. So she opens the front door and they run right in and start lapping up the milk she puts down. I come home just as she’s giving them some canned salmon.

I can’t imagine that cats this young would be allowed outside by an owner, so I’m suspecting that either they were dropped at the curb by somebody, or that they are from a feral litter, but haven’t learned to be wary of humans yet. They’re adorable, and friendly, and seem to want affection. If nobody comes knocking at the door, I’m thinking that we may have two new family members.


Based on that third picture, I think you need to start thinking up names!


Oh my goodness, you must allow them to adopt you!! That orange one looks EXACTLY like our little orange one. (Her name is Murphy; it was orignally for literary reasons, but as time goes on, she’s more than earned it with her way of mucking something up if there’s ANY way possible to do it.)

As they’re orange and black, perhaps Halloween-inspired names?

You really, really need to let them adopt you. :slight_smile:

I think we’re going to wait a couple of days to see if any flyers appear in the neighborhood, then make a vet appointment for a checkup, shots, etc. At that point we’ll probably start casting about for names. The black one was practically crawling into my beard in an effort to be affectionate. The orange one is the more playful at this point. We’re kind of in shock.

Oh yeah, you can see how feral they are. Just wild cats!

Congrats on the new cats.


Well, that was short-lived. The people next door have had an ongoing menagerie since they moved in, and are fairly irresponsible pet owners. We saw one of the women outside and asked her if she knew anything about these two and she admitted ownership. What the hell they’re doing outside at that vulnerable age is something I didn’t ask. So bye-bye Sunny and Smokey; I hope your new owners don’t result in an early demise like her previous cat (hit by a car).

On the plus side, we see now that we can deal with new cats in the house, so some good comes from it. Also, we had no time to really bond with them, so it’s not a big wrench to have them gone. :frowning:

Definitely not feral; you seldom see feral kittens that young and you don’t get close to them. Perhaps they were homeless kitties and learned you had a kittieless home? Perhaps they’re a gift from Bast?

They are adorable! I love me some orange cats. How about “Hallow” and “Ween”?

Well, since they’re so friendly and are getting outside freely, perhaps if they start showing up on your property regularly, they can just find their way inside again and stay there. If you get vet care for them, you will have more proof of ownership at that point than the neighbors. Local laws may vary, but in Chicago you can play it that way if you need to and if you want to get two kitties that need neutering and vet care off the street!

…I also know someone who’s a vet tech in Portland, he may have some information for low-cost spaying and neutering in your area if you were to see about helping these neighbors out with population control. If you offer, they may just decide to let you keep them.

Well, I don’t need trouble with the neighbors. By and large they’re okay, just lousy pet owners. We’ll find some other kitties; it’s not like they’re scarce.

That black cat is absolutely striking, with the tawny/orangeish fuzz around his mane. Sorry you had to give them up! But now 2 more kittens might end up getting adopted, so that’s a great thing :smiley:

Definitely needta get moar kittehs.

Maybe you could just ask if you can have them? I would! They’re cute.

The wife hinted at that, but the woman has two kids who would be very distraught if that happened.

So let the kids have visiting privileges.

Like those two kids aren’t going to be distraught when the kitties get creamed by a car?

The next time they show up, let them in and forget to let them out. I’d bet anything the neighbor won’t even bother to get them fixed.

I second the motion.

Their other pets are fixed. They’re not inhuman; they’re just not very responsible owners. We’re moving on.

Hmmm…there might be kittens in Portland.


Yeah, I’ve made a couple of inquiries on Craigslist. These two were unbearably cute, but were already taken.

They are so cute! I love cats. :slight_smile: