New Kitteny Goodness!

A former neighbor apparently left behind a cat when they moved some time ago, and now we have kittens behind my neighbor’s house. We’ve caught 2 of the 3 of them, but still need to find and catch the last kitten (it’s hiding pretty darn good!)and then catch the mamma. I’ve found a home for one of them – the woman is picking her up from our vet’s office this afternoon, and we may try to keep the other one. But eventually we’ll need new homes for the last baby when we find it, and the mother, so any takers are welcome and appreciated!

More of the story and pictures are here.

Awww… kittens! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why are you guys with kittens to give away never near where I live?

(Probably just as well. I’m too tempted by them.)

Oh precious babies!

Sunspace, I don’t know why I always hope the kittens are near me when I know I can’t take them…but I do. :slight_smile:

That cute guy is available for “adoption” too? :stuck_out_tongue: The kittens are also adorable.

And now, the obligatory squee:


Awww, I want that little girl. Thank God there’s a continent between us.

squeeeee!!! thump
::falls over from cuteness exhaustion::

I appreciate the concern, but I already have a very good home, thanks all the same.

Good news! Kitten #3 has been caught, putting up a spirited fight in the process. No photos yet - the little stinker is not in a cooperative mood at the moment. He/she will undoubtedly cool down and pose for some positively squeeable pics tomorrow.

That being said: Are there any LA dopers with room for one - or possibly two - kittens? We’re still on the fence about taking one - our kitty did not exactly roll out the welcome mat when she was introduced to the little balls-of-fluffiness. And even if she comes around, adding two kittens would seriously oversubscribe the kitten-per-square-foot ratio of our home.

Offer good as long as supplies last.

Kittens sure do tug at the ol’ heartstrings. Especially with the little tufty ears!

Yay Shayna and SpinyNorm for taking care of these babies. My own current bunch of cats are from a stray litter, so, very much appreciate your efforts to find them good homes.

They are so cute. if I were closer, I would be very tempted.

I got my cat Isabel when she as about that age as those kittens, and at first I was afraid I had made a big mistake because my cat Hanna hated her (my other two cats didn’t seem to care one way or the other). It took a little time, but now Isabel and Hanna are the best of friends. So what I’'m trying to say is you should definitely keep one, and post picture regularly so we can see the little sweetie growing up.

He was, however, quite flattered by the offer :slight_smile:

Boscibo, if we can find someone who wants to adopt both of the remaining kittens together, we’ll let them go as a pair. But if not, we’re certainly going to try to keep the boy (Sam, for now). We have no illusions that our current kitty, Emma, will get all snuggly with him right away, our only concern is that we rescued her from a family who had a dog and 2 other cats, all of which tormented her visciously, which is why they gave her up. When they dropped her off with the rescue group, she was a quivering mess. We agreed to keep her an only cat, but it’s been over a year now, and she’s quite calm and content. But if the addition of a new kitty sends her back over the edge, out it goes, I’m, afraid.

Right now I’m most concerned about the mother cat. She’s still outside on the roof wailing and crying for her babies. :frowning: We need to trap her, too (she’s way too skittish to let anyone anywhere near her), but we need a place to keep her while we try to find a home for her, and neither my neighbor, who is currently housing the kittens, nor I can possibly put another cat in our homes, even temporarily.

I’ll try to get a picture of her today, too. She’s actually very pretty, and a really small cat, herself. She’s obviously a very loving mommy, and since she’s been staying around her old home, I’d say she’s pretty loyal, so I suspect she’ll make a very good pet. The only caveat that I have with any of these guys getting adopted is that they be indoor cats only, for precisely the reason we find ourselves in now.

Will anyone consider fostering? Pretty please? It’s making me so sad to hear mommy crying so hard!

Oh fercrissakes. Now I have to come down from a kitteny cuteness high. My day is shot. Freekin’ adorable!

Aw. Stupid few thousand miles between us…


I’d adopt every stray animal on the planet if I could. :frowning:

My beautiful kitties will get extra love tonight.

They’re ROBOTS!

Update: we won’t be able to keep the little bugger afterall. He is WAY too rambunctious – almost more puppy than kitten. He’s chewing EVERYTHING, including his sister’s face (who just looks up at you with eyes that say, “aren’t you going to do anything to make this stop!!!”). I’m afraid that a kitten like that would be a nightmare to introduce to our kitty, who is terrified of other cats after her former life experience. :frowning:

And we think the reason the mother cat is doing so much hollering is because she’s back in heat. Ugh! We do not need more kittens, that’s for sure! My neighbor has a friend who does cat rescue, and we’re pretty sure she’ll take mom as soon as we capture her, but we still need to find good homes for the 2 kittens (I actually think they’d be better off separated, because he’s driving her crazy, and I think she’ll be a really sweet kitty without him).

I’ve added a few more pictures, including a couple of the mom that I had to get from a distance, so she’s a little blurry. There are more, too, but I won’t get a chance to upload them until a little later today.

Thanks for all the sweet replies, everyone!

:smack: I forgot you guys were together…it would help if I read the captions but I must have been overcome by the combined cuteness of the pics.

Ah, but there were no captions as of the time you looked at the page – they were added later, so you’re off the hook on that one! But I never mind when women oogle my hubby – it just reaffirms my good taste. :smiley:

You also missed the wedding ring in the “Sam and Spiny” photo. :smiley:

Then again, he WAS holding up a kitten right in front of his face in that pic… Who the heck is gonna look at the HAND in that case? :wink: