Kittens, kittens everywhere!

I decided to start a new thread instead of hijacking the kitten squeefest thread. A week or two ago, my friend Mike was over, checking on the camper he keeps in our back yard. He found mama-kitty and two babies living under it. We have been trying to keep an eye on them ever since. The kids have been putting food out for mama every day, putting the bowl a little closer to the house every time. Today, mama let us sit about 15 feet away while she ate. An hour or so later, we went out to check on the little family. Mama had her kitties out playing and to our surprise, we discovered that there are not two babies. There are six! Four are black and two are orange. They all have white socks. Mama wouldn’t let me get close enough to take a picture of her kitties, but I’ll keep trying. We’re hoping to get them to trust us enough to catch (and keep) at least one of the babies, and find homes for the rest.




Aww, what a pretty cat! She kind of resembles my Penny.

I hope you can find good homes for them all, and get some kitten pics!

What a beautiful cat!

Mama-kitty let us sit about 4 feet away while she ate today. When she was done, she walked over and rubbed up against everyone. She let us all pet her and let me hold her. We even got to get within about 15 feet of the babies. They were in the bushes, and kind of hard to see, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to get close enough for pictures.

Well, then you’re going to get a bunch of squee if you post those pics. Is that what you really want?

good luck getting the kittens out and cared for. But now that the mama - a lovely critter indeed - has “claimed” you (that’s what the rubbng was all about - you’re hers now) the kittens should follow.

as for cotributing to the squeefest, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Smokey pic