SQUEEE time -- kitten snuggles -- pix!

My new kitten, Peanut, has a bosom buddy: Squash, who adores the little guy, plays with him, and loves to snuggle with the baby. Like this.

For those immune to saccharine overload, I offer an entire album devoted to this evening’s snugglefest. For maximum squeeness, may I suggest the slide show?


uh muh guh. 100 units of insulin, stat!

Oh, those last 3 pics were just too much for me!

Entirely too much orangey stripedy cuteness.

A few of the new kitty that showed up yesterday - Mandu

Mandu is handsome!

I so want a kitten! :<

But, if i got one i couldnt see my parrents anymore as they are allergic, but that may be a good thing ponders

SQUEEEEE! Peanut has definitely emerged from under the bed! (Am I remembering that correctly?)

There are several photos here that beg for lolcatz captions!

Thassssa kiiiiiiittieeeeeeees…<makes sqooshy kissing sounds with lips>


I have died from teh cuteness!

I don’t want to start a new thread, but here are a couple pictures of our new kitten:

She hasn’t started to snuggle with our other cat, Bree, but she does follow her around and jump on her once in a while!

We have officially named her Breña, but for now I am having fun annoying my husband by calling her “Ferret” (she looks like one!)


Oh, she is just gorgeous! Especially that perfect patch of orange fur on her forehead.

You do know torties are all devil-spawn madwomen, don’t you? :wink:


She looks just like my kitty…except younger and without that “someday I will rule you all” gleam in her eye.

[kittyhijack] What is it with kitty genetics? Her mother was all black and tiny. Her father (as far as we know was the huge orange Tom that yowled outside our window for weeks till she got by us and…well, you know. Meanwhile her brother (while she is sleek and tortie and short haired and looks nothing like either of her parents) looks nothing like her brother. Who basically sits around here doing an impersonation of a shag throw rug (if we spray painted him orange we could sell him at a 70’s rummage sale)

Doesn’t make any sense. But this devil’s spawn thing does have some merit…

What gorgeous cats.

Are you sure Peanut isn’t just trying to push Squash down the stairs?

Just kidding - they’re gorgeous!

They are gorgeous.

Oh what the hell - here is Spot the vunderkitteh, 2 months after being found dumped at around 4 weeks old.