The cuteness! It burns!

WARNING: Diabetics proceed with caution! Cute-kitteh-haters beware!

Not-so-new kitten Peanut is cuter than ever.

Life is good.

And full of adventure.

Kitten-lover Squash adores him.

Now, where’d I put that vat of insulin?

Oh, the widdle pink nose! Who’s an adorable kittikens? You is! Yes you is!


Pass the insulin, please.

I adore buff-colored boys. They’re both beautiful.

Those pictures are just screaming for lolcats captions.


Oh, I can’t stand it. I want a kitten soooo bad. But Himself would divorce me.
eta Of course, then I could have all the kittens I can handle…Hmmm. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Am drowing in syrup. Love the last one, oh, yes I does–cute widdle kitties all seepy and softy…
<smacks self upside head>

I didn’t know that cats did the mentoring thing. Squash is certainly being a good big brother to Peanut, though. I just melt when I see cats cuddle up to each other. Our boycat loves to spoon with one or another of our girlcats, usually with one front leg thrown over the girl’s body.

Squash does most of the kitten-cuddling, but sometimes Pumpkin lets Peanut spoon with him.

I wish my cats would spoon. They all hate each other and pretend they are only cats. Quite a challenge for them when they all want to be on the bed with my husband and I during winter.

Just sneaking in to drop a few of the latest Willow pics…

Hello? Purina? About the cover for your 2008 calendar…

“Cute yawn = must pet you” progression: 1, 2, 3, 4

Album cover for the wife’s debut piano cd, once she gets around to writing, recording, and producing it. :slight_smile:

Oh, adorable, adorable, cookie-lurer! I especially like the one paw on the keyboard pic.

Willow looks a lot like my Sugar Magnolia.

While we’re on the subject of cats cuddling with each other:

Squash, Pumpkin, Teddy

The yin and yang of the Veggie Boys

Pumpkin [heart] Squash

In case you were wondering: Yes, the second-floor landing is indeed Squash’s favorite nap spot.

Gosh, DarkSide, that is one adorable kitteh!

ETF, I don’t know what to say, except… SQUEEEEEEEEE!

And now I must ad my own contribution. This is Siegfried, the newest addition to my CatShare. (They’re my friend’s cats, but I take care of them on the weekends.)

Don’t worry. The foal is just sleeping.

Are Willow and Sugar Magnolia Maine Coons, by any chance? If I ever splurged on a pedigreed cat instead of taking rescues and shelter kitties, I’d love an orange tiger Maine Coon.

Oh, hee hee, what a great shot of the dead horse and the carnivore about to devour its kill!


Lolcatz this one!!

Carnivorous cat says, “I can haz horsburgr?”

CRAP! That’s WAY better than the one I sent in. “I beated a ded horse.”

I’m going to submit again. Wot the hell!

Here’s a very cute South American kitten.

Pity I don’t know his name. The kids found him in Brazil and I took a few pictures.