Kitten squeefest

Meet Willow. Willow, one sibling, and their mama were living in some of the old cars my brother has parked around his house. Yep, he’s a mechanic.

Willow was catchable, but her(?) little brother or sister wasn’t. He/she was more content with the small space over the wheel-well in the trunk, accessible to no one but 6 week old kittens.

So we’re fostering her(?) until my Mom bets back from her 3 week road-trip adventure up to Alaska. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it…even though Mom yelled repeatedly through the bad connection only a few moments ago, “Hell no. I do not need another f*scking cat”. But neither do we…which is why the official story is that we’re fostering her(?) for my Mom. ahem

I think…I might die. I hope your happy :smiley:

Woogie boogie boooo…boogie boooo.


Ow! The cute, it burns!


babbles babytalk at pictures on monitor

SQUEEEEEEE! OMG, ear fuzzies! I LOVE ear fuzzies! I think I need insulin now.

My, what big eyes Kitty has. My, what fuzzy fur Kitty has. My, what sharp claws Kitty has!

Yep, that’s a cute kitten. Six weeks is a bit too young to be taken from the Momcat, though.

Agreed, but she was apparently already eating solid food, and the rest of the litter had already been killed by something. It was a rescue situation, I’d say.

Don’t think that much squeeeeeeeeee would fit in an envelope.

If it will, there is a home waiting.


Ohmygosh. That is the cutest kitten I have ever seen!!! (picks up kitten and covers it in kisses)

I want a kitten.
There. I’ve said it. You’ve broken down my resistance.

Must…be…resusitated. Cute overload…nearly…fatal.

Jayzuz but that’s an adorable kitty! I had a “Willow” some years ago. She was a stray and had kidney failure, so we didn’t have her for long. She was such a good girl. :frowning: Oh, Willow!

really really tempted to go get a rescue cat now coz we can’t have a dog… It’s so unfair…
I bet the bunnies would kick it to much though.


Good thing I’ve already got a kitten right now or I’d be crawling through the monitor to grab that one.

Cuervo saw Willow and just fainted.

I’z in ur monitur, brakin ur reziz10s.

Me too!

The youngest of our other cats has shown the most interest in her. She even tries to “greet” the dogs too. So damn cute! She’s eating kitten kibble and using her little litter box like a pro.

Awwwwwww!!! Cute widdle fuzzer!

Awwww- Cuervo’s cute, too.

Slight hijack, but how did you catch the little cutie? My kids and I are trying to “rescue” a little kitty or 2 or 3 who were born under the camper a few weeks ago. We have been trying to lure them (there is a mama-kitty and 2 babies) with catfood and water. So far only mama-kitty is falling for it, and we can’t steal her without the babies (they are big enough that they are changing locations, and we can’t always find the little ones).

Cuervo also looks very much like my orange tabby, Mango. She’s the one who has taken the most to the new arrival.

I honestly don’t know how my brother caught her. He had seen the kittens in the trunk of the car, and I think he closed them in there for the night. By his logic (not mine) he figured they couldn’t get out and he’d know where they were in the morning. He managed to catch Willow the next day when he opened the trunk. She was being kept in a cage in his garage when we got there. He was still trying to catch the other kitten when we left.

She warmed up to us pretty quickly, though she was scared for the first hour or so in the car. She just cuddled into the crook of our necks though, no spitting and hissing. My sister-in-law may have been handling her a bit that morning.

If you’re trying to catch a feral mom and kittens, I’d try a “have a heart” trap. If you catch the mom but not the babies, you may be able to corner them in their den easy enough, if you can get to it.