Another New Kitten

So, we adopted another kitten this weekend. I don’t have the pictures here at work so I haven’t posted them yet.

In a previous thread I detailed our rescue of Serendipity. We decided right away that she’d be a bit lonely during the day so after getting her spayed and giving her some time to adjust we went looking for another kitten to adopt. We did so Saturday from the local Humane Society.

The little guy’s name is Bear, because that’s what he looks like, a tiny black bear. He’s about 6 months old, and is a sensitive little guy. He’s been fixed already and has all his shots. We brought him home and settled him in to the library with his toys, his bed, his own food and water bowls, and his own litter box. We gave him most of the day and evening to get adjusted by himself. He spent most of the time under the bed. When we’d go check on him, he’d stay cowered under there.

By yesterday he was venturing out from under the day bed in the library and wanting attention. Though to start with he’d hiss occasionally, while still insisting on petting and attention. By last night he was climbing into my lap and purring like a motorboat. We’ve let Serendipity and he have a look at each other from a bit away. And we’ve swapped toys and such so they get a chance to know one another’s smell. No direct face-to-face contact for them yet, they both have seperate rooms for right now. Serendipity is a bit wary, but he seems eager to make a new friend with her. We plan to later in the week let them sniff each other through the screen door between the sunroom and the dining room and see how that goes before actually putting them in close physical proximity.

Frankly, I’m a little nervous as we’ll both be at work all day today and I feel just terrible for the little guy. I’m sure he’s lonely and pining for attention. Anyway, this is a first for me, introducing a new cat to the household, so ideas for helping make it a smooth transition for them would be appreciated.

It looks like you are doing it all right. Good luck!

There must be a problem with my computer, I’m not seeing pictures…


That’s our boy from the adoption website. Until I can get the ones we’ve made uploaded and online.

My two boy cats love to lay on their backs and get belly rubs, too. The girls don’t seem to do that.

He’s very cute.

Very cute! It always makes me very happy to see the black kitties get adopted. So many seem to languish in the shelters. I love black cats! I’ve had some cats take mere days to adjust to new additions, and some take lots longer. My most recent kitten, Manny, took a few days to integrate with my next-youngest cat. My older tabby didn’t like it, but she left him alone. Now they cuddle.

Beautiful eyes!