Free Kittens...

Our cat had kittens, which pushes the amount of cats round our house beyond reasonible limits. So, I’m looking for good homes, the only way I know how; Social Networking Sites. So, I posted some pics of my kittens on my Bebo page, and Hardship posted them on her mySpace page. And hey, I know you guys like cats so I figured I’d throw in a link here so you can see teh grubby little kittys that my cat had hidden in some bushes. Messy little scamps!

I accept paypal.

The kitties are adorable and I love the captions on your pics, but we have one cat because she didn’t get along with the other cats where she used to live. Plus we’ve got 2 dogs. Plus our daughter will be moving back here with her cat and gerbil.

So all I can do is wish you good luck.

They are sooooooooo cute!!

And where are these impossilibly cute kittens?
(prays they are far away)

I wouldn’t mind another cat although I have no idea how you’d get it here unless you already live in Arizona.

I’m just wasting your time here, don’t want the kittens, got stuck with one last month. Still I thought I’d stop in and tell you how funny you are. And also those little f*ckers are really cute.

Those cats are sooooooooo cute. Maybe it’s time for another cute cat photo thread.

Oh holy cow they’re cute. I don’t suppose you live in Indiana/Illinois?

Have you tried your local craigslist? That’s how I rehomed my ex-cat, and she wasn’t half as cute as those kittens.

You need to tell us where you are so we can see if we can finally get to do the Kitten Railroad!



Do you perchance live anywhere near Chicago? I was actually going to get a cat at the end of August.

'kin hell, those are really really cute kittens. If I was on the same continent I’d have the two of them.

Out of everyone so far mate, you’re the top contender; all you have to do is get a Stena Sealink across and they’re yours; I’m in Ireland, on the monaghan/ armagh border!

Oh, and I think I’ve got one of those subsequent… eh, sequential? thread thingy’s going on, as the next thread up from this is
Is My Cat Insane?

then me

Free Kittens
I really dont expect to move the cats via this thread, I just thought you giuys might like to see them. Hey, since when did anyone need a reason to post kitten pic threads round here, eh? Hope you guys like them, and I’m sure the lil’ messy guys will get a good home!

Currently, their mother has then hidden in th’ wild (she’s a VERY feral cat), hence their grubbiness. We were going to move them inside, but we knew Momma Cat would NEVER follow, and the kittens are still too wee to be away from her, so we left well enough alone, other than to ensure the kittys were warm and dry, and momma cat had plenty of food.

oohhhhh. That’s why they’re so cute. They’re Irish kittens.

boo. i want irish kittens. :frowning:

Awww! Kittens! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If only they were in the Toronto area… I would be sorely tempted. I’d come to have a look at them, and they’d crawl into my arms and start purring, and then I’d be lost.

Do they mew with a brogue?

They get drunk and fight, to be sure.

Try posting them on

There is a link at the top for classified ads. You can place an ad there for free.

You might also try craigslist but be prepared for scam artists wanting to buy your kitten for $1000 and have you ship it to Nigeria.

You can also look if there are other free classifed sites that allow listings in your area.

I would say petfinder is the best bet though.

Dammit - we’re never going to get to fire up Kitten Railroad. :mad: