Adrenaline Rushes and Superstrength

I’m sure we’ve all heard the anectdotal tales of people performing amazing feats of strength due to “adrenaline rushes” or some other extreme even relating to the sympathetic nervous system.

I’ve always considered the stories of people lifting cars off loved ones to just be urban legends and tall tales.

Put I do wonder has any serious research ever been done into the possibility of the body having moments of extreme strength? Has any study been done testing possibly untapped physical strength that is possible with the human body?

It’s not that I think there is much validity to the matter, I was just inquisitive as to whether or not any research had been done. I’ve done a lot of googling but just tend to get results pertaining to the Incredible Hulk, which leads me to believe there’s not even the bases of any fact at all to any of this so no one has ever even bothered to investigate it specifically.