Superhuman Strength

I’ve heard the Urban Legends of people in crisis showing great strengh (lifting cars off of people, and whatnot). The question is, is there any validity to these stories? Just how far can a little extra adrenaline drive the human body?

Quite a lot. Apparently, with a big adrenaline rush, you can really start metabolizing glucose way fast. (I’m kind of guessing there.) There are plenty of stories like that. Even my mom’s cousin’s wife told us that she was lifting things in her house she didn’t think she could, and that was just because she was afraid they would get water damaged if the house flooded in the hurricane. When people are really scared, they do even more.

I don’t have a cite, but I would also suspect that adrenaline could cause you to not experience (or simply ignore) pain cues that would normally prevent you from continuing to do something that is damaging to your muscles or tendons, thus resulting in the person exhibiting above-normal strength.

Anyone know if this interpretation is valid?

a big part of the ‘limit’ of your strength is not how much your muscles can contract but how much they can do so without damage… if you don’t care about the damage you can lift more than if you do.

Supposedly a true story told by an ER doctor: