I’ve heard that males have more adrenaline than females. Is there any truth behind this? If so, what is the reason for it?

Because males are bigger in volume.

AFAIK, the only reason for the difference would be the fact that overall, males average larger than females, and so do their adrenal glands. Larger average adrenal gland, larger average adrenaline. Of course, if you’re smaller, you don’t need as much adrenaline in terms of total units.

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Never heard of it. The best I can do for evidence is to say that in diagnosing a pheochromocytoma (a tumor that can produce adrenalin) you don’t have to take into account the patient’s gender when determining if the adrenalin levels are higher than normal.

FWIW, there’s also no mention of a sex difference in my copy of William’s Textbook of Endocrinology (my home copy is a few years old and could, conceivably be out of date on this point).