ads keep repeating so I can't hit "back" button successfully

I’ve noticed this phenomena start about a month ago or so, on two computers, using totally different wireless networks.

Mostly on Reddit (thanks for turning me on to this website and ruining my life), and mostly when I go to various Imgur pages. But its happened on other places too.

Before, I would just have to click the ‘back’ button and I’d be returned back to where I was.

Lately though, I don’t get to go back and if I look at the ‘drop down’ next to the back button, I see numerous repeats of the same ad. Also I notice the “Done” word in the lower left keeps flashing. SO it seems to me the same ad is being continually and repeatedly accessed. THe longer I’m on the page, the longer the list of times this ad is accessed increases.

It doesn’t happen all the time (maybe about 10%), and if I go back to the page a second time it likely won’t happen again.

AdBlock software keeps this from happening.

Question 1: Has anyone else noticed this recently?
Question 2: what’s behind this? why is this happening? what’s the advantage to it other than to frustrate me?
Question 3: other than AdBlock software, is there something I can do to keep it from happening? I don’t mind so much having the ad appear in my history once, but the same damn thing over and over again is irritating.

Note, I don’t see a ‘pop up’ I don’t know which ad is doing it…its probably one of the several that are included in the article or image I’m viewing.

“AdBlock software keeps this from happening.”

So, why are you even asking?

The only “advantage” to it is to frustrate you. You should register your unhappiness regarding the lack of usability with various sites’ owners… they might do something about it.

Other than AdBlock or similar software, which is the simplest (but not a perfect) solution, you might try investigating whether the unwanted ad stream on various sites is coming from a single source. If so, you may be able to block just that ad source site from loading anything in your browser. Unfortunately, this is not a solution if you find yourself frequently using various computers other than your own.

One last thought… if you are on a site you know does this regularly, try hitting the stop button after the page has finished loading the first time. That might put a stop to the reload script for that particular session.

I have been noticing this here on the SDMB recently. It seems like it has really been common over the past month or two. I notice it mostly when I am surfing from my work PC. I used to see it sporadically, but lately it seems to happen about every fourth or fith page. I seem to see it more often when I am using the InPrivate Browsing feature in IE. I figured it was something where the ad couldn’t drop a cookie and kept reloading, thinking it hadn’t displayed yet. But that was just a WAG, and I don’t have the ambition to do anything about it.

Just realizing I’m not alone in this makes me feel better!:stuck_out_tongue:

First, I’m moving this to About This Message Board.

Secondly, the problem is with the Microsoft tracking cookie “

This tracking cookie is ubiquitous; it’s on damn near everything Microsoft makes, including all versions of Internet Explorer, Outlook, Live Messenger, etc.

I’m going to repeat what I said about this in another thread on this subject also in ATMB:

As for a fix, you might try using a HOSTS file. Like this one. (Read further for installation directions for your flavor of system.)


Thanks TubaDiva

This information really seemed to have stopped the problem…so far

Oh, and Leaffan…THHHHPPPPPPTTTTTTT!!!:cool:

I have noticed this on as well.

I would think that this problem could happen anywhere Microsoft products are used.