Adult Acne -- can anyone relay a non-accutane treatment that worked?

I took accutane several years ago and it was moderately successful – got rid of non-facial acne; however I would love to hear what has worked (or hasn’t) from the Doper community. Your advice & feedback is much appreciated.

Every time I say this, someone mentions "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding, " but Listerine has worked pretty well for me.

As long as you don’t mind smelling a bit minty.

I had bad skin all through my teens. It was bad enough that I was embarassed to go out in public, but it wasn’t cystic so my doc wouldn’t give me Accutane. Went to a new doc, who suggested ordering Proactiv. It totally changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but my skin is flawless now. I never thought I’d be able to wake up one day and look in the mirror and NOT see a new zit or want to cry because my forehead and chin were covered in bumps.

What, you splash in onto your face?

I think in *My Big Fat Greek Wedding * it was Windex.

Listerine is an antibacterial, so it makes sense that it would have some effect on acne.

I just saw an infomercial on this stuff. It looks like the real McCoy to me. They were showing all kinds of celebrity types who are using it. Almost a miracle drug, I’d say.

a non-profit informational site about acne and treatments thereof:
I tried the ‘minor’ treatment they recommended and it worked great. Can’t vouch for anything else.

I thought Pro-Activ was just benzoyl peroxide? I thought it was OTC.

I respond very well to both Differin (adalplene gel) and Retin-A, both prescription. When I was younger Differin was better for me b/c Retin-A just made my entire face slough off but now that I’m in a better climate (used to live in Montreal) I can handle Retin-A. Usually I switch on and off b/c after a while my skin gets a wee bit too sensitive on Retin-A. To wash my face I use Cetaphil which is the same company that makes Differin (Galderma). Once a year I usually end up having to go on a round of Tetracyclene, too. If you’ve taken Accutane, though, I don’t know…most people go through Retin-A and Differin before they hit Accutane, it seems.

I suggest you go talk to a dermatologist to investigate it a little better. I don’t know how old you are but supposedly the older you get with acne problems still outstanding the more it has to do with hormones. My mother had the same level as me (fairly mild but still annoying) and it didn’t clear up completely till she had a baby.

Well, I use a cotton pad so as to avoid getting any in my eyes, but essentially yes. It’s worked on my face and on my shoulders.

It was; I still get that response to Listerine, though.

I second anu-la1979’s Differin suggestion. I was never prescribed anything else topical, just oral antibiotics. I used either antibiotics or Differin for almost a year, but around late April I stopped everything and just kept my modified daily face-cleaning routine, and so far I haven’t seen a return of the big, deep, painful acne that used to plague me monthly (fingers crossed!).

If you’re female…

Dianette, the contraceptive pill with an anti-androgen Cyproterone acetate is as effective for acne as oral antibiotics, plus you get 99% effective contraception in one handy pill.

For me, and my sisters it’s worked, and since my body likes oestrogen, it was a great brand of pill that suited me perfectly.

I’ve now switched to Yasmin, and the effects of the Dianette are still there.

(Dianette is especially good for ladies with PCOS-ask your doctor.)

I used low dose erythromycin (an antibiotic) for a long time for adult onset cystic acne.and found it very effective. Fortunately, at 45, I seem to have finally outgrown “teenage” skin.

You may also want to check out Blue Light, available at some dermatology offices. In the office I work in, patients get twice-weekly 20 minute treatments for four weeks, and the total cost is $600. It’s not covered by insurance, but it is FDA-approved. The Blue Light (LED) kills p. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne. It doesn’t work for everyone, but the literature says up to 80% notice at least some improvement. It does take a while to see a difference- up to 12 weeks after the last treatment. I’ve seen it work extremely well on many people, but not at all on some. We’ve only been doing it for a year, so it’s hard to say from experience how long any effect will last.

Dianette doesn’t seem to be sold in the US, unfortunately.

Bugger. It should be.

Thanks for all the feedback! I do appreciate it. I have seen many a different dermatologist (let’s see, Minocin, full course of Accutane, Azelex creme for starters) and have been on so many different types of BC (btw, Yasmin turned me into a nut-job mean-o). I know that much of my acne stems from stress but would like to find a reasonably priced, modestly successful cleansing products. I have tried the cheap (OTC benz.pero. & cetaphil) to the moderately expensive (DDF & Dermologica). Sometimes it takes experimentation and sometimes good advice so I have come to the sages here in Dopeland.

Thanks again – any other insights are much appreciated.

Giving up caffeine always works for me (my doctor of course says caffeine doesn’t cause acne so I just tell him maybe not but giving it up cures it).

Arsoa Queen Silver Soap has workied for me. I’ve had about three pimples in the last two years since I started using the soap once a day, even if I drink tons of coffee. It seem expensive but one bar lasted more than a year for me.

Before that I tried Pro-Active and Murad but my skin must be sensitive to benzoyl peroxide and salycilic acid and they both gve me super deep cystic acne lesions. Since using those my skin became ultra sensitive to any products except for the mildest soaps. They both cleared my skin up initially but then it got progressively worse.

Actually, I think it is, but probably under the trade name Diane. For sure we have it in Canada and that usually means it’s also available in the States.

I never had acne, but proactiv worked wonders for an old roommate.