Adult-onset stuttering or 'blocks'?

Some fifteen years ago, I visited a friend at his work and we wound up talking until 3 in the morning about really deep personal stuff. At some point when the conversation got too deep, I started having ‘blocks’, stuttering, couldn’t make words come out of my mouth. I always attributed it to the emotional vulnerability of that talk. It happened a few times over the years.

But lately I’ve started doing it whenever I feel ‘on the spot’ (that is, someone is actually paying attention to what I’m saying), or if I’m talking to someone I don’t know well and feel insecure or uncertain. Today at my twin daughters’ birthday party I couldn’t get out the word ‘candles’ to my father in law, and could only say ‘matches’ because I looked at the box and read it. It’s not classic stuttering because I don’t repeat the same sound, I just can’t get anything out. Sometimes I can’t even get the right word in my head even when by all rights it ought to be right there. And my typing’s going to hell. When I’m trying to type one word, and I’ll type another one entirely, or get the letters totally mixed up. At least I can back up and re-type words properly! I’m trying to figure out what causes this. Does anybody here have any insight?

er, no insight – but me too!

I would definitely recommend going to a neurologist to rule out a brain tumor. Chances are it’s a self reinforcing condition. You worry about your block, which makes it worse, which makes you worry more, etc. I started to stutter again late in life and had good success from a speech therapist who taught me relaxation and other techniques.