Adventures in pudding

Just re-found the butterscotch pudding recipe I used a decade ago. So good and so rich. Despite the amount made, it is a 6 serving recipe - trust me. That was yesterday so let’s talk today and banana cream pie. A homemade crust with banana pudding and homemade whipped cream. The bananas were brown and probably a few hours from starting to rot - so perfect. The crust is flaky and the egg wash worked to keep it dry. But the pudding, absolutely the best. Not so loose and the slice maintained its shape and no oozey filling but still soft and creamy.

Anyone else made pudding or a puddin’ pie lately?

I love pudding but have never made it from scratch. My grandma made the best butterscotch pie. I’m gonna give your pudding recipe a try. Looks like it’s the single serving size…

Thanks for this recipe, I’ll try it out. I love butterscotch pudding but haven’t had it since my grandmother died. I feel like it was a very popular flavor when I was young, but I don’t see it much anymore.

I make this easy chocolate pudding all the time: best chocolate pudding – smitten kitchen and it is incredible for how easy it is (especially if you use fancy chocolate). Sometimes I firm it up for a pudding pie, or get fancy and swirl in some vanilla pudding for a cool look. I love it with raspberries on top.

Unfortunately, my partner hates pudding and thinks it is for kids, but more for me!

I’ve been making chocolate pudding like the smitten kitchen recipe, only I use cocoa powder instead of actual chocolate bits. (I even brought a baggie of powdered milk, cornstarch sugar, cocoa, and a dash of salt to a friend’s house, added water, and made pudding right there.). I remember my daughter’s friends were surprised when I made it from scratch, they had no idea.

I make rice pudding about once every two months, sometimes on the stove, and sometimes in the oven.

I’ve also made chocolate pudding using a recipe similar to smitten kittens. I much prefer pudding recipes that don’t use egg, so I just searched on her site for a butterscotch pudding recipe, and printed it out for trialing. I actually have the ingredients for making a dairy-free version, so I might try that first. I have a friend who is mostly vegan, so having some alternatives is good.

One of my favorite, low stress, pot-luck deserts is a simple chocolate pudding pie topped with crushed Butterfinger bars. Dead simple and I’ve never had to bring home leftovers.

My sister and I have been distributing the stuff in my mother’s house and she had tons of family recipes on cards, as well as from magazines, newspapers, and such.

My favorite, which I intend to make soon, is my maternal grandmothers chocolate cream pudding filling, for pie.

I love homemade chocolate too, but my favorite is chocolate tapioca pudding. The recipe comes from an ancient Hershey’s Cocoa cookbook and damn, it is great.

Thanks for posting this, I never heard of baked rice pudding. I will try it the next time we have visitors.

Well, I tried this recipe and screwed it up.

I think I should have cooked the sugar a bit longer at the beginning, as it hadn’t all dissolved before I added the milk. Then I stopped stirring (got distracted with something else), just as it started to set up, so the bottom was super set, and the rest was runny. Tastes good, though. I’ll definitely try it again.

How about one more? (If you consider ‘junket’ a pudding.) If you can find a packet of old fashioned junket and make it with milk, vanilla and sugar (basically, firmed up milk) in little custard cups, you can put an apricot half round side up in the center. And it looks like a sunnyside up egg! (I love food that looks like another food).

I just made the butterscotch pudding you linked to. I love butterscotch pudding, but the commercial stuff just doesn’t taste right anymore, and until now the recipes I found for homemade were a bit fussy. But the linked recipe is quick and easy, and utterly delicious. So glad you posted it.