Adverts again?

I haven’t been seeing ads since I started using an ad blocker (currently Ghostery).
I just have started seeing blanks in between posts with the word ADVERTISEMENT which indicates there is an advert (not visible to me) in that place.
Any idea why this might be?
(I am starting to feel I should have put this in Site Feedback but I am sure the mods will move if appropriate).

I am happy to report that the issue went away as suddenly as it appeared.
Since nobody else had anything to add (heh!), this might as well be closed.

Me again… it hasn’t disappeared, there are just fewer of the damn things now.

I didn’t even know Ghostery had an adblocker, I thought it was just a java script blocker but Wiki says different.

Wiki says “Since July 2018, with version 8.2, Ghostery shows advertisements of its own to users.” So that may be the problem.

For what it’s worth, I use AdBlock plus and I never see ads anywhere. People say AdBlock allows “friendly” ads but I have never seen one.

For some reason what I posted yesterday just re-posted, have deleted content.

I used to use AdBlock Plus and switched to Ghostery precisely because of the “friendly ads” thing.
I have also seen that Ghostery supposedly allows ads since 2018 (I don’t remember when I switched, probably more recently than 2018) and have NEVER seen any ads since, on any website.
Just here since yesterday.

Yeah, it’s weird. I’ve used AdBlock since the olden days, first on Firefox now on Chrome, and have never seen anything like an ad or ad placeholder anywhere even though others say they do.

Hope this bump will help bring you an answer.

Thank you kindly!

I use both and have no problems. I assume if Ghostery is trying to put in ads, Adblock is preventing them.