Are the Google ads gone?

I haven’t seen a Google ad in a couple days now. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one, in fact.
I didn’t make any changes on my end, far as I know.
Are they gone or am I just special?

You’re just special, because at the bottom of this thread is an ad for,wait for it…Google Ads.

Once I re-enabled them they showed up (I use Firefox with Adblocker, so I normally never see them). Are you sure you don’t have anything blocking ads?

Heh, as I read your post, I see three ads at the bottom. Sure you didn’t upgrade your browser or somethin’?

Which makes you brilliant. Like me.


Ah, I think it’s because work installed an ad blocker, probably at the server level? Since I didn’t make any changes here at the machine. Usually I’ll see a message saying “Ad blocked by our incredibly robust ad-blocking software”, but I don’t see any such message where the Google ads used to be.

You’re reading the Straight Dope whilst at work? Shame on you!

(oops here comes my boss now… gotta go) :slight_smile:

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