Where are these Google ads?

I have been seeing a lot of dopers complaining bitterly about some Google ads on this board and how they don’t want it or whatever.

I am :confused: because I have not yet seen any aforementioned ads. Will someone please tell me where these ads are that are causing so much irritation?

Open your eyes, slappy, and look just above the “Post Reply” button.

If you are not actively blocking the ads, they are right below this post. Until someone else posts, then the will be. . .

Let me take a wild guess here. You are using Mozilla firefox with AdBlock extension.
This filters out the ads. You may see an empty box at the bottom of the page labelled “sponsored links.” This is where the ads appear.

Thanks. Oh yes, I see them in the “Sponsored Links” box alright. I don’t know whether I would call them “ads” though. It is just a couple of hyperlinks and they do not seem to be intrusive in the remotest sense.

In fact I did not even notice them until you pointed them out to me. Nothing is forcing me to click on them, nor are they popping up messages or windows on my screen.

So what exactly is bothering and irritating dopers so much if there are a couple of absolutely non-intrusive hyperlinks in a box at the very bottom of the page?

I am behind a firewall though. Does that make a difference?

Well, that has the appearance of a GQ, yet I cannot answer it without sliding over to GD or Pit territory.

Questions relating to the Message Board belong in ATMB.


samclem GQ moderator

I agree that they’re unobtrusive, but I am totally baffled by the people who claim to have never have even noticed them. Fine if they don’t bother you, but how can someone miss them if they read even one thread all the way through? Are they reading ads for Mailing Lists or Sheep Meat or various Body Destinkers and thinking it’s just another thread? Are they all people who never read through a thread, and just hit reply from the OP?

Unobtrusive, yes. Invisible? Unless you’ve got ad-block on… No.

I will take this opportunity to point out that while I’m not terribly annoyed by them, it’s very annoying that (for the hurricane relief ad, at least), the entire ad box is the hyperlink. I am conditioned to click in one of the grey areas on the page before rolling my little scroll wheel up and down, to make sure my focus is not on the “forum jump” thingy at the bottom, and I keep clicking on that damn hurrican relief link because I don’t realize the grey part is ‘hot’.

I downloaded Firefox the other day based on comments in this forum and it’s great. Lightning fast compared to IE.
I didn’t download any ad-blockers and I see no ads. I assume something came along with the initial download.

BTW, sometimes Firefox won’t open unless I boot. Any reason for that?

Sometimes when I shut down Firefox it remains running in the background. I can’t restart the browser until I shut down the backgroung process.

Just use Windows Task Manager to end the process.