Am I the only one not getting adverts at the bottom?

I’ve not been getting any advertisements at the bottom of the pages today. It says “Advertisements”, and there’s a blank white space across the bottom about the size of the normal display area, but nothing in it. Is it just me? I feel so lonely - like Google no longer cares about me…

I’m getting a “Bushism Ringtones” ad on the bottom of this thread.

If you have javascript turned off, you won’t get the ads.

I was seeing three before I clicked on the Reply button and now they’ve gone away. I meant to make note of them, but didn’t. One had something about Barbara Stanwyck, I think.

No you aren’t. I’m getting the same.

Of course, I’m using Firefox with the **Adblocker **extension installled and enabled. I’d guess you’re doing something similar.

I block them (and a lot of others) with an augmented HOSTS file. Did you download one of those big ad blocker HOSTS files?

Does the SDMB still get its ad revenue if we block the ads?

Personally, I’d rather let them appear, because they’re subtly placed at the very bottom of the page and they really don’t bother me. In fact, their misguided context analysis is really quite amusing much of the time.

I understand they get paid a few cents every time someone *clicks *on an ad. So if we block them, no they don’t get paid.

But they also don’t get paid if you don’t click them. Should we all click every ad?

Click on an ad if it’s something you’re interested in. Otherwise, please, no. We want business but we want it to be natural and unforced.

Have you installed any proxy software? Privoxy, Junkbuster, and Guidescope would all do a good job of blocking the ads at the bottom.

thanks for the comments, everyone - i’ve not installed any special stuff - just on Safari naked, so to speak.

but now I’ve noticed something - I mentioned in another thread that my Mac seems sluggish in loading pages - I think it may be an ISP problem. however, now, the pages with all the SMB content are loading, but the little indicator still shows that the Mac is still trying to load - and the space for the advert is blank. It must be the adverts that it is still trying to load, even though the SDMB page is all there. No idea why that would be happening, but I’ll mention it to my ISP when I contact them.

The only ad that i have received for the last 2 weeks is one for Bushism ringtones. :confused: The ad company is really trying to ram that one down my throat but i’m just not interested.

I keep getting foreskin restoration tools. And no, I am not Jack Dean Tyler. :eek:

I don’t have them, because I have the Hosts file set up for the ad server.

Seeing the Bushism ringtones ad made me set up the file. The ad blocker didn’t work very well any longer.