Advice - applying to the same company, same position a few years later.

A few years ago- (3 to be exact) I was in the running for a position at a company I was very interested in working for. Several interviews–down to myself and two other applicants. I did not get it.

About a year ago, I applied for another position at the company–it was a little bit more of a reach (not entirely in my wheelhouse but not ludicrous that I applied) and did not even receive a call or a response.

Now that position I originally applied for is vacant again.

If I applied again, should I reference the earlier interviews? Gut says no, because why remind them that they liked someone else more than me once before.

Just looking for any advice on what to do.

While they liked someone else before, you were clearly in the running, and with the improved economy they might not talk to anyone better than you now.
I’d say you should mention it. Otherwise someone with a good memory might remember you from before and wonder why you didn’t say anything. Plus, being one of three before is more likely to get you past the initial screening.
You might mention your growth in the past three years also, and how you are an even better candidate today. You also know more about them than the new candidate, so that should help also.
Good luck!

Were you ever able to get any feedback on why you weren’t picked before? Sometimes it’s because the other person was better/preferred for some reason (i.e., it wasn’t a problem with you). Sometimes it’s because there was something about you that didn’t pass the final screening (i.e., the hiring manager didn’t like you because you wore puce to the second interview). In the first case, you’re in really good shape. In the second case, you may never get through the door again…

Lacking feedback, I would say it doesn’t hurt to try again.

God, if you knew how many interviews I’ve had in front of the same people… (and not gotten hired…) After a certain point it just gets funny. “Don’t worry, we probably won’t remember your answers from last time!”