Advice for bracing this table please.

I have this 4’x2’ piece of masonite that I used to lay on plastic storage bins and use as a work table for my hobbies. Two years ago my son put 4"x2" legs on it. With a small block of 2’x4’ braced against each leg It is now wobbling. I’ve got my hands on an 8 foot piece of 2’x1/4 wood. What is the best way to brace this table?

Options I have thought of:

  1. Strechers across the long sides attached to the table top.
  2. X bracers along the short sides
  3. X brace against the one long side of the table that’s against the wall
  4. Smaller triangle braces against the top of the legs and the table top. Although the smaller blocks that he already used as bracing may get in the way.

If you can probably tell, I’m very, very new to this build it yourself stuff and I am no expert. My joinery skills include gluing, hammering and screwing. What would you do?

The only way I could see 1/4 inch wood helping is large triangular braces on both sides of the each outside corner assuming that’s where the legs are attached.

This is one of the things I’m thinking of. Would another dimension of wood be better?

Part of the problem could be the choice of materials. How thick is your piece of masonite? When I think of masonite for a table top, I picture something removable that gets replaced periodically as it wears out.


Basic table legs would consist of running 2x4s in a box configuration , think along the lines of what could support itself , absent the table top.
The top just lays on a frame that can support itself and then some.

The most limited configuration would be one attached horizontally on the wall , with a box shape extended from that, the legs coming down from the inside corners then having a horizontal running from leg to leg at least halfway down.

Legs stand up by themselves without the tabletop? Most definitely not what I have. The best way I can think to try to do this would be to put stretchers up on top across all 4 sides, no?

That would certainly help.

Here’s an example, of course this could be done equally as well without folding

Here’s one using no legs.

Should give some ideas

I am too frightened to even try to fasten the table to a wall. These here look like something I could do. Thank you.

Most people I know would refer to this as a shelf, not a table or bench.

Lots of those called workbenches but in any case , I’m not sure how but I got the idea in my head that her current setup had one side along a wall…oops

I’d have put a something more substantial from the side braces to the wall. From what I can see each only had 2 ~4 inch screws, and the back brace was hard to tell how many he put in.

Look like a perfect place for someone to lean or sit and lever the whole thing down. :wink:

Maybe, I honestly didn’t look too closely at it.

I think most anything would probably be a substantial improvement from the OPs description.

Personally I tend to build everything with " can you park a car on it" mentality though lol

Same here, especially something that will likely have a bunch of vibrations and other movement and pressure over the months, in addition to the lever disadvantage. A couple simple screws just triggered my “Danger! Danger!” instinct. :wink: