Advice for draining yard that gets a lot of standing rain water.

So my neighbor just built a bunch of planters next to our yard, he also put in piping in his yard so I assume he had standing water problems.

I don’t blame him for that, but now we have standing water problems.

What method would you recommend I use to drain it off? I’ve heard of using a “french drain” which I guess involves burying perforated PVC at an angle downward where you want the water to go. I guess if I went that way I’d rent a Ditch Witch which will dig trenches 4 inches wide up to 3 feet deep. Problem is my yard is kind of lumpy and of differing elevations, with no straight shots to any good place to drain off like my road’s gutter or the stream next to our property (it’s far from both of those). I also don’t know how deep the pipe can go before it gets ineffective at taking in water.

Anybody got ideas on how to best get rid of standing water in our yard.

You don’t give a location, but if you’re neighbor’s pipes have caused drainage problems in your yard you may be able to have him remove the pipes. Follow up with your local government for ordinances involving rainwater runoff.

Barring that, a good pump and a length of garden hose may be a temporary option.

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Don’t assume your neighbor had a standing water problem. He put in planters and piping which now appears to be flooding your yard.

Question your neighbor (the piping may be supplying (too much?) water to the planters).
Ask your neighbor to fix the problem (he may not be aware of your problem).
Contact the city and report the problem.
Contact a lawyer and threaten to take your neighbor to court.
Actually take your neighbor to court.

You should have just deleted it. @OP: What kind of “piping” are talking about here? Do unusual weather patterns have any place in the scenario? Alot of places around the country got record rainfall last year.

It is VERY unlikely your neighbor’s activities are the root cause of the problem. Without pictures and more information I would “guess” the new planters created a grading issue with runoff water backing in behind that. Just a WAG. Were that the case, you’ll just need to do some landscaping to create a path for the water to find it’s way out.

The legal topic (IIRC) is lateral and subjacent support. Your neighbor is not allowed to alter the drainage on his property in a manner that changes the water flow on neighboring property. The fact that your problems began after his project is a pretty good indication (tho not proof.) Might warrant him changing what he did, or ponying up for a part of yout remedial measures.

There are lots of ways to move water around your property - but of course (duh!) only to lower areas. A ditch filled with gravel, perforated pipe, or even a swale can move a ton of water. Sounds like you’ve got enough property to install drainage. But be careful you are not foisting the problem off on another neighbor. And there might be prohibitions against draining into the creek.