Advice for the beginning guitarist

I’m rather fond of multieffects boxes. I have a pretty nice one that has about every effect you can imagine on it and an expression pedal that can be assigned to about any variable in an effects loop (Digitech RP-20), but it might be a bit pricey for a beginning guitarist, you can get one that has the basics (distortion, compression, chorus, reverb, and delay) for well under $200 if you shop around a bit, and that’s a much better deal than buying the pedals individually.

Whups, put the wrong name in there. I was thinking it was an RP-20 until I looked it up.

If you want to learn just how to play guitar, all you have to do is find songs that you like, listen to them often, maybe get the tab… Play the stuff you want to play, you’ll find you’ll pick it up really quickly.

Keep them fingers moving, the more you get used to playing the easier it is to pick up new tricks. My uncle told me to get a cheap rubber ball and squeeze the crap out of it. Builds wrist strength.

Find a few others who play and jam with them when time allows. You’ll pick up a few new tricks that way, too.

And whatever you do, enjoy yourself.

But, if you want to be a rawk gawd, that’s a different story. Get Morrison Hotel on eight track, steal a car, then drive west until the album finishes. Get out of the car, set it on fire, then get in a fight…

A site that I found extremely useful was Riff

If you’ve got broadband, it’s the way to go. You get free lessons. Videos of technique, tablatures, styles. I highly recommend it.