Advice needed for "Run Time Errors"

Friends please forgive my computer ignorance but I am having trouble with “run time errors”. I get several different kinds, object not found is the most common. I am running on Windows XP using AOL. This has happened before and my computer guy dose something to fix it but then a few months later the problem reoccurs. I would say almost 40% of sites I visit will flash this error and ask if I want to debug, if I say yes all this does is flash gibberish lines of code and most often lock up the machine. If I click no about five times the warning will usually flash off and I can view the page. If I use IE to surf the Web I get fewer of the error messages.

I really don’t have much understanding about the inner workings of these kind of computer problems. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks.

What sort of sites generate the runtime error and what sites don’t? Maybe you have a corrupted Java or Flash install.

My best advice is to avoid the AOL browser and IE entirely. Install Firefox and use that for your browsing.