Advice needed from Runners

I work out alot, but I have never liked running. However, I would like to give it a shot and maybe even do a very small even in the Spring.

I play tennis and have shoes for that, and I have old gym shoes that I wear on the Eliptical now, but I KNOW I need to invest in good RUNNING SHOES.

Any advice on training tips and shoes would be great!

Go to a running store (a real running store, not something like Oshman’s, look for the local store that sponsors most of the races) and have them fit you. Explain what you’re looking for and they’ll help you find it. everyone’s foot is different so some brands will fit you better than others. I used to swear by New Balance but they changes the last and now they give me horrible blisters and I’ve switched to Adidas.

The best training tip I ever got was to just keep running. Don’t go out to fast and wind up walking two minutes later. Start slow and keep doing that running motion as you build up. Even if you’re jogging slower than you could walk, it’s still better to run continuously than to run/walk.

Thanks tremorviolet I think the shoes will be a big key for me. There is a New Balance Store that seems equiped to be specific here and the rest is just Foot Locker type stores with High School kids who cannot be torn away from thier cell phones to help me.

I think I a gradual build up will be important and I have been reading online about such today.

I just dont want to get shin splints like I did in College.

I’m another person who has taken up running, but doesn’t really (and never really did) like it. I dropped in this thread to give you the obligatory “go to a real running store and get good shoes” advice, but tremorviolet beat me to it.

The only other thing I know is that I’ve found the whole running thing a lot more enjoyable since I got my iPod. So I would recommend getting something that you can listen to in order to distract you. Beats counting steps.

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You know, getting a good shoe is important enough that, if you’re within driving distance of a bigger city, it might be worth the trip. Then, once you know the shoes you like, you can get new ones locally or online.

my local New Balance store was very helpful picking out the right running shoes.

Another hint: know when to replace your shoes. Worn out shoes lose cushioning and stability and can cause injury. My ultra-triathelete/lunatic cousin insists that I should be replacing my shoes every 300 miles. That’s kind of the low end; most folks say they should be replaced around every 300-500 miles or so.

I do have to say I would be very wary of running with headphones. I sort of cringe when I see people running with them because I’m afraid they’re raising the risk of being in a traffic accident, or if they’re female, that they’ll be assaulted. But hey, live and let live.

I’ve only just started back into running myself. It’s been easily 15 years since I last ran twice in the same week. I’m not sure the shoes are such a big issue for now. I’m still using a pair of walking shoes (They were half price. Otherwise, my question, “as opposed to what?” would have been enough to get me to move on. But they do allow me to go charging through progressive daycares with impunity). I have no intention of going farther than a mile and a half for a long time, and I haven’t had any problems.

Thanks yall. I have been reading online about shoes all day.

I was told as a child, that I am flat footed. I have never really had it mentioned to me as adult… so I dont know if I really am and if that should play a role in my shoes too.

And as for the small selection in my city…it is so sad that I live in the biggest city in my state and they STILL have few real running shoe stores.

I think I will visit the New Balance store and I located another store that looks promising.
Thanks so much for the input so far though!

I do have an iPod!

The only worthwhile thing I got out of my ex-bf! lol

Absolutely get professional advice. Any good running shoe store will examine your stride to see if you pronate, supinate, or what have you. Some stores have treadmills and videotape so that you can see, but a good coach or professional runner can see.

My advice is to run on trails. The scenery is better, it is a more natural surface, and you use a wider selection of muscles (assuming there is any need to avoid rocks, roots, etc.)

Also advise checking out a race, once you can run 5K. I always thought I would hate running, but I ran a trail race and got hooked. (Of course, I ran a marathon a couple of weeks after I started running. That’s because I’m stupid that way - one of the reasons for my name, although I actually ran reasonably fast.)

I found’s Couch to 5K Plan helpful. It was really useful to have a realistic goal to work towards.

I’ve perfected my own method for buying new shoes. I get every shoe the store has in an Adidas (the only brand that comes close to fitting my wide feet) cushioned (I underpronate) size 8, 8 1/2, and/or 9, and I just pick out the butt-ugliest pair. I do try them all on, but I don’t actually have to, because the ones that fit best are always the ugliest-ass pair of running shoes in the store.

Completely ignore what the shoes look like. The right shoes feel right.

Damnit, I haven’t been able to go running for a couple of days, and talking about it is making me want to go. But it’s dark out. Bleh.

I second the Coolrunning advice.

Other than that, just stick with it. And most importantly, pay very, very close attention to what your body is telling you. You feel any weird twinges or aches that should be there, you feel really worn out, take a few days off from running.

I dunno what it is, but runners succumb to overtraining more than just about any other group I’ve ever seen. Don’t be afraid to just take time out and rest every once in a while.

Been running for the past 15 or so years, and have added marathons to my repertoire in the last few. I finally went to a real running store about two years ago and they pointed me toward Mizuno shoes. They’ve been fantastic for me. You can generally find them on the cheap if you’re willing to buy last years model and shop around online. I found mine for about 60 bucks (and bought four pairs). But, go to a running store, and they’ll ask you some questions and take a look at your feet and decide. I’ve found a lot of the hoopla about pronation and overpronation to be overdone, but I could be wrong.

As for advice: don’t just increse your distances as you improve, but increase your speed. I was always trying to lose that five pounds I could never get rid of and adding speed work did the trick. So, if you’re using a treadmill, don’t decide to run for 60 minutes. Instead, decide to run seven miles. That way you have incentive to go a bit faster because you’ll be finished sooner. If your goal is a time, well, you might as well run as slowly as possible.

And continue lifting weights. The combination of a runner and a lifter is relatively rare, but the results are unmistakable.

When I was in Cross Country, I used Asics Gels. They were the right shoes for me, though I had team mates who had to use other kinds of shoes because of how they ran. Do ask a professional to help you find shoes to best work with your needs.

Um, everyone may point out what an idiot I am, but I figure my cheapo New Balances are that I bought on close out are better than anything Dick Beardsley had, and better than most of the racing Kenyans had when they began. I just figure that most of the running shoe sales are based on hype. I see no need to waste all that money.

As with all things, YMMV. :slight_smile: I’m in the same boat as you are, since I run mostly on the balls of my feet–what padding I’m wearing doesn’t matter so much as long as my shoe doesn’t chafe weird parts of my foot.

I love this site and you guys info is great!

I went to my indoor gym last night and I did 20 minutes on the eliptical ( I normally do 30) and then I jogged on the treadmill for 5 and walked fast for 10 just to get used to the impact.

I stretched alot before and after and I still did my arm weight routine.

And I feel fine today!

I was really scared that my shins would hurt (especially since I am wearing EXTREMELY worn out sneakers still).

And I am all for ugly shoes…as long as they do thier job, I could not care less about appearance. So hopefully I can find some that wont cause my cable bill to go unpaid this month :wink:

Make plans to get out of the city before your jewel starts to flash. The Sandmen are excellent shots - try to avoid them as much as possible. And don’t fall for the ‘Carousel’ thing.

Good luck!

That secret running lingo always confuses me.