Advice needed on a new computer

We’re in the market for a new computer to replace our 6-year-old hunk. A specific want of mine is, for the next few years, at least, it to be able to play any new game. I don’t need a gaming monster, just something that will be able to run anything, at reasonable settings.

It has to be a Dell. Just deal with that. I have.

Are these specs, specifically the video card, up to the task, or are they more or less than I need, in your opinion :

XPS 7100

Tax and accessories make it about $1150.


Alienware is owned by Dell. If it has to be a Dell, get an Alienware PC. They are Dell’s gaming line now. Even the more reasonably priced models will be able to keep up with games for several years.

The one you linked is not really a gaming rig and it’s overpriced.

I’m not really looking for a “gaming PC” per se, but something that, two years from now, I won’t have to wonder if it will play GTA 5 (or whatever).

I don’t doubt that the comp in my above link is overpriced, but is it a reasonable choice? My budget is not unlimited, I’d like to keep it below $1200, if possible. The cheapest Alienware desktop (unless I misread) starts at $1199.


That said, the 5670 card you’re asking about is not top of the line, but will certainly be able to play anything on the market for the reasonable future. $900 is a kind of a lot for it, but it’s not a bad machine. Do doublecheck with Dell if you’ll be able to upgrade the video card in 2-3 years. Also, unless you need the monitor, you can probably find a better deal if you look for an offer without one.