Advice on a potential job.

So, laid off back in Jan, and I’ve only had two interviews so far, the last one on last Monday. I think the interview went fantastic, and they even said they hadn’t had the number of applications they expected. Of course, that was a week and a half ago now, and I’m a worrier.

That said, am I worrying too much? Even were I perfect, an acceptance would take longer than a week and change, wouldn’t it? I am a little worried that they changed the application page to read at minimum high school degree (I have a Masters) meaning I may be overqualified, but this has been a long, LONG time searching for me.

If they interviewed you 10 days ago or so, there’s nothing wrong with making a follow up call and/or sending a follow up letter. You can offer to provide any additional information they might need and politely inquire as to when a decision will be made/how can you expect to be notified. Not only might you learn where you stand, but you would also demonstrate continuing interest in the position and a “go getter” attitude that may be helpful.

I would wait another week.
Having been in the position of hiring people from ads, I know that there is a set time for the ad to run, then they wait a few days to get any mail sent in after the last ad ran, and then they have to complete all of the interviews.
Generally, this is a minimum of a 2 week process, but usually more like 3 weeks.

I suppose a gentle nudge wouldn’t hurt. Did you already send a note, thanking them for the interview? If not, now would be the time!

For next time, a follow up question to them might be, “When do you expect to make a decision?”

DMark: I did shoot them an email the next day, thanking them for the interview / opportunity. I’m worried any other checking in this soon after that would qualify as too pushy; I don’t want to push myself over the line with them.

You could always send them an e-mail politely asking for an update. You could say that another opportunity is progressing well, but that you were very impressed with their company and would certainly like to give full consideration to the position if they feel you were a suitable match. (Or some such fluff…)

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Here’s an update for those that responded and care … I got a call this morning from the head of the department asking if : 1. I was still job searching and 2. Was I still interested in their position? When I responded affirmatively, he said (to paraphrase) : “Well, good! You should hear from the HR manager soon…and when I say soon I mean today or tomorrow!”

Sounds good, right? I’m not artificially getting my hopes up, right?

I think it is pretty safe to put that bottle of chamagne in the fridge and get it cool, so you can open it tonight to celebrate.

Yeah - sounds like the job is yours.

You may have other hoops to jump through, but yes, that sounds very positive! ::keeping fingers crossed and please keep us posted!

It’s hard to say. In my last company, we gathered together to make our decision before the candidate had even left the building. And even then the decision could be held up for weeks waiting to schedule a final interview with the managing director.

I had an interview several weeks ago with a company. It took them a week to tell me that I had made it through to the next round but that they were going to continue interviewing potential candidates for the next month.

Some places have told me their decision within a few days.

It all depends on the company. I say follow up about once a week or so. My first job out of college I badgered them for probably two months until they gave me an answer one way or the other (fortunately yes). Just be sure to always be polite.

There is really no point to asking, if there person was interested in you they would CALL. I have been unemployed a long time too. And I spent June, July and half of August going through a total of 9 interviews and they just never called me back. In fact of two years of job searching I have only had one person call to say I didn’t get the job.

That “courtesy call” isn’t done anymore. I have been flown to Washington DC, put up at a five star hotel, pick up by a limo so you know that company is very interested in me. But they never called back.

It’s not like a company is going to say “Oh darn it, if he only called back I’d have hired him.”

The company goes with the best candidate. That said, I don’t think it’d make anyone so mad that if you were the top candidate they would change their mind.

It’s a tough market and employers know they can be as fussy and lazy as they want.

I would say if you think you nailed it and have yet to hear back, one of two things is holding you up. Your references aren’t checking out. A while back I had the H/R guy call me and say “Mark, I keep leaving messages but your references won’t call me back.” So I called them and nudged them to call. Of course I didn’t get the job, and I’m sure that didn’t help.

The other is the background check. Some take up to three weeks. Back in about 2002 I was in H/R and in charge of running checks and company policy said “no offers, no potential offers, no discussions till the checks come back.” Now this was fine for executive positons, at the hotel, but for a front desk clerk. It used to irritate managers to no end that they’d interview a housekeeper or front desk clerk and have to wait 3 weeks for them to clear because most of the time in those three weeks the guy got another job.

So that’s probably what happened.

My favourite story was last April I applied for an asst controller job. After a month and four interviews, thinking I nailed it, and having an excellent meeting with Mr Klingler, the Controller, the H/R guy says “You have to a final meeting with the GM.”

On the day I was to interview the GM calls me and says “Mr Klinger quit the job and we brought in a new controller from Cleveland and he’s taking the asst controller who works with him over here, with him so we won’t need you.”

It’s always something with me :slight_smile:

ARG! Still waiting for the HR person to call…I hope this doesn’t mean I didn’t get it / they reconsidered.