Advice on bleaching my hair at home?

I want to go blonde® again, and have decided that I’m going to bleach my hair myself. Now, I actually have done this before, but it was a few years ago and the details of the procedure have completely slipped my mind, besides which, I wouldn’t mind hearing from other people about good tips or tricks they’ve used.

My goal is white-blonde hair, like blonde as blonde can be. Albino blonde. Currently my hair is a yellowish-blonde, the result of a bleach-and-dye job at the salon about six weeks ago. The roots are coming in dark, hence my desire to re-do it. Except I want to turn the whole thing even blonder than it already is.

Advice to throw in the towel and have it done at the salon will be roundly ignored. The bleach-and-dye job cost me nearly $100, and I don’t have that kind of cash to throw around on my hair right now. But I do want to go white-blonde again.

So, anyway, anyone have advice, procedures, tips, tricks, whatever?

Anyone? Bueller?

*Disclaimer: I have NOT used this myself, mostly because I would make a very unnattractive blond, but…
A friend of mine who used to bleach her whole head used Frost & Glow, which is technically a highlighting kit, but that’s just semantics…

Anyway, she’d mix it following the directions, and apply it to her whole head, starting w/ the roots, just like any hair dye. She’d leave it on the roots until they were blond, then comb/rub it through the rest of her hair and leave it until it was as blond as she wanted.

She actually went TOO blond with it once - very white, which is actually probably what you are looking for, so this might work. Also, even when it got that white, it wasn’t yellow or brassy, so she didn’t even need a toner.

Good luck! And be careful - as I’m sure you know, bleaching is not the gentlest process you can put your hair through.


If you can’t afford to have it done right, don’t do it.

Thanks, but as I said, I’ve done this before and had it come out really quite well. I was just hoping that maybe some folks could come along and recommend products they liked, or interesting tips, or whatever.

You can get a blonding kit that contains the same stuff as a highlighting kit, without the highlighting tools, so it cost less. The one I used gave you an option of mixing the powder with water or peroxide, depending on the condition of your hair.