Advice on buying a printer

My wife is looking for a printer for her office and we need some advice on what to buy.

We would like to get an all-in-one so that she is able to copy/scan things in the office. We do not need colour and cost is definitely a factor. We have an HP PSC 1310 at home which we like, but it seems to go through ink pretty quickly.

Does anyone have any experience/advice with these types of printers? We are not looking to spend more than $150.

First off, you need to not only look at the initial cost but also the running costs. Look at the cost per page. Inkjet ink is expensive. How much printing are you going to do? For more than light use, a laser printer will be far cheaper in the long run. A laser will typically cost 1p / page whereas an inkjet will be 5p - 10p / page or more

I actually suggest you get two printers: an all in one colour inkjet printer/scanner/copier and an older HP Laserjet - though check that the fuser kit has been recently replaced.