Advice on complications

Here’s the deal. I need to live somewhere this summer. I’m a college student in Pittsburgh with my close family in Michigan.

I was trying to do a nother internship with the company I worked for last summer. Right up my major’s alley. Unfortunately, the Materials Dept. can’t hire a summer student, so that’s a no go.

I could beg for a job with a different department in that company. If I get it I’ll have everything I didn’t like about last summer (long hours, long commute, no jeans) and none of the cool stuff (lab work!!!). On the plus side, I’ll be living at home with kith and kin and withing thirty miles of the SO I need to see if I’m going to stay with.

OR I could scrounge an apartment here for the summer, work a piddly job with decent hours and no dress code, move my love down here and just sort of float until school starts again. I could even take a class if I wanted.

Or I could try to find a different piddly job up in MI and still live at home but with less of a commute. Or I could find a big box and mail myself to random Dopers and spend the summer traveling.

Any advice/alternatives/job offers from the world at large? At least vote on my two main things, please…

Just a suggestion… I’m not known for my good advice so…

How close are you and the SO? Could you possibly crash with them? That sounds like it would put you close to home and your school.

Then I think the best bet is just to get a piddly job and relax during the summer. Summers are just that for students… a time to relax. We all know how taxing school can be.

Anyway, just my opinion. Hope you work out a situation. :slight_smile:

Simetra…I wish that moving to a midpoint would work. Pittsburgh is a happy six hour drive from my home. My SO is a thirty min drive from my home. But I’m not moving in with the people he lives with. If I’m going to be that close to home, I’ll be home. (I like being home actually, so its okay.)

A piddly job would be cool. But I wouldn’t see my family. Sigh. I just don’t know.