Advice on indoor vs. outdoor soccer

I’ve joined a local co-ed indoor soccer league. Having only played outdoor soccer, I expect there will be a lot to adapt to. Any advice? I’ve already got a nice pair of indoor shoes, so that’s certainly #1 out of the way.


You’ll want to avoid attempting any sliding tackles.

Quite a big difference - you’ll be staying on your feet 100% of the time as **Struan **says (unless you really feel like doing someone :wink: - just noticed that its a co-ed league, so scratch that). Because the surface is usually perfect, the ball goes exactly where you kick it - which is a good or a bad thing depending on skill level. The ball also travels much faster along the deck, so it can make for a fast, zippy game if people know how to control the football.

Its a more precise, less contact proposition - probably suits co-ed play. You’re less likely to go full on for a diving header if the consequences are getting a busted face and bruised hip on the astroturf.

Be ready, the girls will be rougher on you than you could ever imagine.

Yeah, watch the sliding. I used to go to my knees a lot more than most people when I played. I just had raw skin all the time. I’ve HEARD that people have gotten staph from those surfaces, but I’ve never known of it first hand.

Man, I’d sweat a lot playing. Bring a change of clothes for the drive home, and good size water bottle.

The near post shot probably goes up in value due to the dangerous rebound factor.

Yeah I’ve played some co-ed outdoor in my time. In addition to being just straight-up skillful, the girls generally have the advantage (at least early on) as the men try to figure out just how much contact is acceptable.

Any thoughts on using the walls?

I found indoor soccer to be much different then outdoor soccer. It moves much faster. It’s more difficult to anticipate where things are going. It’s more like basket ball to me the way the games move.(scores are still low though)

A lot depends on what setup you have. If it’s pro-type, with boards, etc, then you have to watch for passes and shots off the boards. Check them before the game to see if they’re flimsy, etc.

Offensive strategy-wise, I remember a lot more teams just going at the goal, as opposed to wing->cross or middle->pass to open. If there’s a hard surface behind the goal, be aware of rebounds.

And Trunk is 100% correct about the sweat. There’s no wind to evaporate the sweat, so you’ll be a pig by the end. Hydrate, and don’t be afraid to vomit in the trashcan!!! :slight_smile: