Advice on international Blackberry plan

I have a friend who is traveling in Denmark, Ireland, and Italy over the next four months. He has a BlackBerry, and wants to stay in contact, and I volunteered to help him out.

I have an unlocked BlackBerry world phone, and I’m trying to figure out what options would be cheapest for him to stay connected through voice and data.

In the past I used a company called BrightRoam that sent me a UK-Based SIM card, but I found that to be pretty expensive.

I’ve heard the best option is to buy a SIM card in the country you’re staying in, but he won’t have time to do that.

I can advise him to use wi-fi as much as possible instead of the cell towers, but I’m not sure if he’ll have wi-fi coverage everywhere.

Anyone have any advice? I know I’ll pay a lot of money, but I want to minimize what I do pay.

That’s about one hour out of a four month trip. Is he really that pressed for time…?

I buy travel packs when I travel to the US. Since I’m presuming your friend won’t be cancelling any existing plan, he can add a data and voice travel pack on top of what he already uses, provided the US cell carriers have something like that, as well.

He currently has Sprint, which doesn’t have a SIM card, and doesn’t work overseas. From some research, it seems like maybe the best route is to get him an unlimited AT&T voice and data plan which will cap his charges.

Thanks for your help.