Advice on low cost housing

I’ll be moving to Dallas soon and will have a roughly 6-month window as a geographic bachelor. Do any dopers have any insights into how to get the best lodging rates?

I believe my criteria are pretty modest: I’d like a bed, bath, and kitchen, available high-speed internet, proximity to work (W. Plano) and a moderately low crime rate. Given those, my objective is to save as much money as possible.

Are the deals available on internet apartment locator services likely to be the lowest available? Any other suggested resources for finding an apartment? Any other tips on short-term quarters? Dealing with only weekends at home?

Any advice, either general or Dallas specific, is much appreciated.

Find a sublet on craigslist.

I like the website for information on U.S. cities. You could post a thread in their Dallas forum asking this question.

North Dallas, Richardson, Addison, and Plano are full of two-story garden apartment complexes. In Texas, that’s virtually the only kind of apartment available, especially in the suburbs. The ones in Dallas and Richardson built in the early 70s will these days cater to Vietnamese and Mexican immigrants, with “$100 moves you in” banners on the side. The downside will be occasional plumbing and electrical problems, ants and roaches, and the occasional loud dispute in the parking lot. There’s no guarantee you won’t have the same at a fancier, newer complex, but the landscaping will be nicer and there’ll be more staff around.

I would suggest you do a week or two in an extended-stay corporates suites hotel (they often are on Priceline) to get the lay of the land and look at apartments in person before signing a lease. When you find one you like, chances are you’ll be able to move in two days later.

Van down by the river. If that doesn’t work go to craigslist and look for either a sublet or if you want a roommate, a roommate.

A problem is that people are kind of wary about someone new to the area in my experience.

Also check the crime in the area you are looking at for an apartment.

Thank you all for the advice, I appreciate the different perspectives and resources.

This is great advice and what I plan on doing, although this…

Has a certain appeal, and could open up motivational speaking opportunities.